2016 Presidential Candidates, #BostonOneDay, and Marathon Monday

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Top Story: 2016 Presidential Candidates

Hillary Rodham Clinton On Sunday, Hilary Clinton took to social media to announce what everyone already knew: that she is running for president. Hillary posted a video featuring the economic stories of a diverse group of Americans to make her announcement that she will seek the presidency for a second time. This is a very different approach from how she announced in 2007, and suggests she’s focused on making it about the people rather than herself. Hillary is particularly outspoken about foreign policy matters and advocating a two-state solution to Israel and the Palestinians. She has also taken positions on income equality, fixing America’s immigration system, and fighting climate change. While Hillary stands uncontested on the left, to the right there’s Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and now, Marc Rubio.   Marco Rubio This week, Senator Marco Rubio became the fourth Republican to officially declare he is running for president. He is a first-term senator known for his aggressive foreign policy positions, his support of immigration reform, opposing same-sex marriage, and for his awkward sip of water that went viral. At age 43, Rubio is also the youngest in the contest so far. He is hopeful that, in addition to his Cuban-American heritage, his youth will help win votes from young and Hispanic voters who don’t usually go for the GOP.

Around the Hub: Boston Marathon Meals and Media

Boston Marathon Meals

Boston Marathon Map This weekend, the city will be swarming with people from all over the world who will take part in one of the biggest events of the year: Marathon Monday. This year marks the 119th Boston Marathon, which will have an estimated 30,000 runners and one million onlookers! Whether you are looking for an energy boost before the big race or for place to dine before you cheer on the runners, these Boston-area restaurants are serving up delicious Marathon Monday meals for all:

1. Bistro du Midi

272 Boylston Street, Boston 617.426.7878 | @BistroDuMidi Bistro du midiBistro du Midi is introducing a special menu addition in honor of the Boston Marathon that is sure to delight runners, race enthusiasts and carb lovers alike (that’s us!). The decadent new dish will be offered from Friday, 4/17 through Monday, 4/20. Executive Chef Robert Sisca’s unique twist on a classic pasta dish is the Duck Bolognese. House made garganelli pasta is served with a rich Bolognese made with ground duck and spicy pork sausage, then cooked to perfection in red wine, pork stock, and finished with Cabernet vinegar, olive oil, white peach, basil and French Feta.

2. BOKX109 American Prime

399 Grove St., Newton | 617.454.3399 | @Bokx109Prime Bokx 109 primeBOKX 109 is transforming into a runner’s haven on the eve of the 2015 Boston Marathon with a Carbo-Loading Special that is sure to give any runner the fuel they need for race day. Cooked up by the talented culinary team, the Carbo-Loading Special will feature a Pasta Carbonara (mixed vegetables, mushrooms, broccoli, peas, egg and parmesan cheese) and the BOKX Bolognese (house made cavatelli, ground short rib and ribeye, and fried basil) for just $26.20 per person. In addition, BOKX 109 is teaming up with Hotel Indigo to provide a special bag of goodies for runners which includes race day necessities such as Power Bars, bottled water, bananas, vaseline, Ibuprofen, and electrolyte gel. The Carbo-Loading Special will be available on April 19 only and the special goodie bag will be available in the lobby of Hotel Indigo on April 20.

3. Restaurant dante

40 Edwin H Land Blvd, Cambridge617.497.4200 | @dante_cambridge Restaurant DanteRestaurant dante invites guests to carbo-load at its annual All You Can Eat Pasta Marathon. Chef Dante is known for his classic house-made pasta, and now guests can order their favorite version and eat as much as they can. The menu includes: BASIL PESTO “chitarra alla genovese", basil, pine nuts, garlic, olive oil, Parmigiano Reggiano TOMATO BASIL "tufoli al sugo di pomodoro" San Marzano (D.O.P.), basil, Parmigiano Reggiano AGLIO E OLIO "spaghettoni aglio olio e peperoncino", pine nuts, raisins, a little spice ZUCCHINE "strozzapreti con le zucchine", cherry tomatoes, Pecorino Romano The “All You Can Eat Pasta Marathon” special will run on Sunday, April 19.

4. Papa Razzi

@paparazzidining Papa razzi bostonPapa Razzi invites Marathon runners to experience the best of Italian scratch cooking this spring. If Boston Marathon participants sign up for the BENE loyalty program online, they will receive discounts every time they dine from now until May 15: $5 off their first visit, $10 off their second visit, and $15 off their third visit. With everything from thin-crust pizzas to favorite pastas made to order, Papa Razzi is the perfect place to enjoy a heart-warming meal in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. BENE Boston Marathon promotion is available from April 1 – May 15. Participating locations include Boston (159 Newbury Street), Concord (768 Elm Street), Cranston (1 Paparazzi Way), Framingham (155 Worcester Road), and Wellesley (16 Washington Street).

5. Taj Boston

15 Arlington St., Boston | 617.598.5255 | @TajBostonHotel Taj-BostonLocated just steps away from the Boston Marathon finish line, The Café at Taj Boston is helping runners get motivated and get carbo-loaded the night before the big race. This year their award winning culinary team will feature a Fresh Cavatelli Pasta menu addition with arugula pesto, spring vegetables, pear tomato, and toasted pine nuts for $26 per person. The Fresh Cavatelli Pasta special will be available on April 20 only from 5 – 10 p.m.  

Boston Marathon Media

This April 15 marked the first instance of a new annual Boston tradition: One Boston Day. This day was and will always be about honoring and remembering all of those affected by the tragic events. It is a celebration of the resilience, generosity, and strength of the people that make Boston the great city it is.   Whether you’ll be cheering at the finish line or from the comfort of your home, taking to social media is a great way to build spirit and excitement about the race. So, as in the past, we have compiled a social guide for showing your #Boston pride this Marathon Monday. Boston Marathon For updates: @bostonmarathon & the 2015 Boston Marathon mobile app For news: @bostonglobe For safety: @bostonpolice For motivation: @BostonStrong P.S. Shout out to our Pay-Per-Click Account Manager, Brian Murray, who will be running his 4th Marathon and FIRST EVER Boston Marathon! [caption id="attachment_11541" align="aligncenter" width="260"]Good luck Brian! We will all be cheering for you on the sidelines. Good luck Brian! We will all be cheering for you on the sidelines.[/caption] Good luck to all those running this Monday! Are you ready for the race?

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#451Cares: Volunteering at Boston Living Center

451CaresHeart On a rainy and cold morning, a group of us from 451 Marketing headed to spend the day volunteering at the Boston Living Center—a resource hub for residents living with either an HIV positive or AIDS diagnosis. The Center was founded in 1986, at the height of the AIDS epidemic. The idea for its creation came from a group of community leaders who hosted a Thanksgiving meal for those living with the diagnosis. It grew into a center for support and a home base for many. Coming from midweek in a high-energy office, it’s often hard to disconnect from e-mails and workflow, but this volunteer experience forced us to put our phones away and engage. 11133652_10153290632807642_291248367153985219_n We brought our 451 Marketing energy and efficiency to the program. Our agency calls for interdepartmental collaboration and that was clear as we worked seamlessly to prepare for daily lunch. Director of Branding Tyrone Purdue, Public Relations Account Coordinator Alex Molina and I spent the morning in the kitchen, chopping vegetables for soup while Director of Marketing Halley Dodge and Senior Account Executive Laura Lynn set up salad bar, wiped down tables, and prepped the dining room for noon lunch. Then it was show time. 451CaresServes We all served on different stations and for and hour and a half, the line didn’t stop. People of all ages came through, chatting with friends in line. At the end, the program leaders called it “pack up time.” Due to strict health restrictions, all of the food served must be thrown out, so members are encouraged to pack up and bring food home to their families. Many of these members are from lower income families, and strapped with mountain-high medical bills. The assistance of warm meals five days a week is a huge help. It was wonderful to see how comprehensive this center is. In addition to providing meals, the center offers therapeutic groups, arts classes, and housing assistance.
Seeing what we worked for, serving the population and see the happiness. – Alex Molina
If you’re looking for a well-organized day of service, I would highly recommend Boston Living Center. Our team of five was a well-balanced number, and the program aligned employees that don’t frequently work together. The success of the meals program runs entirely on volunteer service, so volunteers are always welcome. Click here to learn more.

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Time to Get Technical—Is Your Brand Misusing Social Media?

Technical When it comes to communicating a message in today’s digital world, it’s obvious that technology plays a critical role. Around the time that PR emerged—before it was even referred to as public relations—there were far less technological avenues available for practitioners to publicize their clients. Sure, telephones, televisions, and radios existed, but the idea of social media, smartphones, personal computers, and instantaneous communication were far off. Many of us take these technologies for granted when we should be taking complete advantage of them.


For instance, some brands are under the impression that being active and present across each and every form of social media is necessary, when this can have a detrimental effect on their business and overall brand identity. The same principle applies to technological trends as well. In a nutshell, certain social channels just aren’t fit for some companies—just take a look at Inc’s list of companies that totally messed up on social media last year. Take Starbucks’ recent attempt at involving itself in a global discussion over race and equality with a hashtag that they placed on coffee cups before serving customers. While this seems like a worthy effort on Starbucks’ behalf to spark a global conversation, it also had major negative implications for the brand as a whole. CEO Howard Schultz’s judgment came into question for approving this campaign, while racial and ethnic groups nation-wide and beyond expressed their offense at Starbucks’ efforts. The lesson to be learned is: Tech- If a brand maintains presence on the correct social channels, rather than spreading themselves thin across every channel, more effort can be targeted toward streamlining content that is consistent with brand identity and values. So often, brands try to juggle too many social channels, the result being that their messages appear jumbled. For example, a financial institution may not want to build a Pinterest following because their target audience is not looking to them for DIY project help. If we are all to be successful practitioners of public relations and communications, then we need to be strategic in deciding which avenues of social media and technology are smartest in terms of ensuring the success and reach of our clients. Being a part of an ever-changing field that utilizes ever-changing technology is challenging, but if managed correctly it can also be extremely rewarding for all. **Written by Public Relations intern Joseph Martelli, Public Relations at Boston University (Class of 2015).

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Boston Bombing Trial Verdict, Cuckuu, Snapchat Emojis, and Boston Public Market

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Top Story: Boston Bombing Trial Verdict

This Wednesday April 8, a verdict was reached in the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the two brothers involved in the 2013 Bombings of the Boston Marathon.  The jury found Tsarnaev guilty on all 30 counts he was charged of, 17 of which carry the potential of the death penalty. de643e19bd7148ea8b4a02dfa9c30ab6-91c31d9d32ec4e33b5bec491ca45deb4-0 In the second part of the trial, which could begin as early as next week, the defense will attempt to argue against the death penalty for Tsarnaev.  The defense has already conceded Tsarnaev's guilt in the bombings, but that he did so under the manipulation of his older brother, Tamerlan.  It is likely that the defense will focus on Dzhokhar's youth and immaturity as an excuse for his acquiescence to his brother's plan (Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was only 19 at the time of the bombings). The federal prosecutors, meanwhile, will argue for the death penalty as retribution for one of the most violent attacks in Boston's history.  Massachusetts hasn't sentenced someone to the death penalty in 68 years... will this trial stay in line with that tradition, or will the verdict be execution? Tsarnaev's defense lawyer, Judy Clarke--famous for her work on the trial of Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, among others--just has to convince one person to spare Tsarnaev's life in order to result in a hung jury and mistrial. What exactly the defense and prosecution will argue, and what the jury eventually will decide--we will have to wait and see.

Under the Radar: Snapchat Emojis

Snapchat emoji Are you just dying to know if your Snapchat BF considers you THEIR Snapchat BF? Want to know if YOUR BF is someone elses BF? Can you handle the drama? Snapchat introduced emojis next to your most popular snap receivers and senders to show you who your friends really are. The six emojis appear next to your contacts to mark them as your #1 best friend, one of your best friends, or someone you're on a snapping streak with. The latest version of the app also features a low light enhancement button to help you take better night shots, as well as a 'needs love' feature, which lets you know when you've been neglecting someone for a while.

What do they mean?

  • Gold Heart: You're best friends. The person you send snaps to the most sends snaps to you the most, too.
  • Gritted Teeth: You have a mutual best friend. The person you send snaps to most is also who this person sends snaps to the most.
  • Smile: One of your best friends. This is one of the people you send snaps to the most.
  • Sunglasses: You have a mutual best friend. One of the people you send snaps to most is also one of the people this person sends snaps to most.
  • Smirk: You're their best friend, but they aren't yours. You're one of the people they send snaps to the most, but they're not one of the people you send snaps to most. (Awkward.)
  • Fire: You're on a snapstreak. You and this person have sent snaps back and forth for the number of consecutive days shown.

Tool of the Week: Cuckuu

Have you ever desperately needed to wake your friend up, knowing--just knowing--that they forgot to set their alarm?  Have no fear, Cuckuu is here. Cuckuu Cuckuu brings alarms into the world of social.  The app, created by Ake Ideas, allows users to create their own tasks/alarms and share them with friends.  You can use your network to remind people of events or tasks, so no one ever has to miss out on something important.  Alarms can be personal or public, allowing you to share your day with anyone in your network. The app also supports text, photo, and video, enabling users to partake in conversations with one another.  This is great as the app prides itself on being a truly supportive network.  Using Cuckuu, you can encourage friends to stick to their gym routine, send "good lucks" for someone's upcoming exam, or (as you need to sometimes) wake them up. Cuckuu doesn't want you to sit still--it wants you make things happen. Check out this video tutorial of Cuckuu: [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmnBCAXDZt0[/youtube] The app is currently supported by both Apple and Android.

Around the Hub: Boston Public Market

This summer, the year-round Boston Public Market will open at 136 Blackstone Street near Haymarket.  The new market, which will be 28,000 square-feet, will house over 30 permanent vendors.  All of the products sold, from cheese to bread, to shellfish and flowers, will be locally-sourced originating in New England.  Just this week, the Public Market sent out a press release announcing the initial round of vendors that will be setting up shop in their market space. boston-public-market_2 We've compiled a list of the ones we're most excited about!
  • Cellars at Jasper Hill (Greensboro Bend, VT) Single-herd sourced cheeses, cave-aged in our cellars, along with prepared items such as grilled cheeses, raclette, mac n' cheese, custom cheese plates, and Vermont-made accoutrements.
[caption id="attachment_11465" align="aligncenter" width="440"](Photo: GLENN RUSSELL/FREE PRESS) (Photo: GLENN RUSSELL/FREE PRESS)[/caption]
  • Inna's Kitchen (Newton Centre, MA) Prepared foods featuring cuisines of the Middle-East, Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, and American Jewish delis.
Boston Public Market
  • Red Apple Farm (Phillipston, MA) Fresh-from-the-farm fruit, 100% natural cider and all your favorite apple farm treats.
Boston Public Market
  • Sweet Lydia's (Lowell, MA) Handcrafted confections including gourmet marshmallows, chocolate salted caramels, toffee, candy bars and s'mores.
Boston Public Market For the full list of vendors, click here.

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Meet the Marketer: Susie Anderson

Here’s an inside look into the individuals who fuel 451 Marketing’s award-winning integrated communications strategies. This month, we present Susie Anderson, Director of Social Media at 451 Marketing! Susie Anderson, Director of Social Media

What was your dream job as a child?

Either a veterinarian (what kid didn’t want to be a veterinarian?) or a world famous fiction writer.

Tell us about your blog, We are not Martha! What is it like being on both sides of blogger relations – as a blogger and as a marketer?

I love being able to see the pitching process and blogger/marketer relationship from both sides and think it makes me much more skilled and well-rounded at both my jobs. I understand how to talk to bloggers (always showing that you’ve actually read their blog and want to work with them because of their content and not their traffic numbers) and also how to interact to marketers when they contact me for my blog (understanding budget limitations, brand guidelines, and client direction).

What’s your favorite recipe to make?

I love making doughnuts of all kinds. I think I make pretty delicious baked doughnuts, but I always prefer fried! I also make a new cocktail almost every weekend. [caption id="attachment_11432" align="aligncenter" width="521"]Menagerie of donuts from Susie's blog, We Are Not Martha. Menagerie of donuts from Susie's blog, We Are Not Martha.[/caption]

What’s something about you that would really surprise people to know?

I read a ridiculous amount. I always have; it probably goes back to me wanting to me a fiction author… And now my love for blog and social media writing! I actually enjoy my commute to work because it gives me the perfect excuse to sit with a book for 30 minutes.

What is it that you enjoy most about your job?

The opportunity to be creative every single day. Even with clients who some may not consider quite as exciting as others, we’re challenged to build content and initiatives that are appealing and engaging to their audience and I happen to think we do a pretty fabulous job of it. I also love the team I work with and our ability to bounce ideas off each other and to be constantly improving.

How do you think social media has affected how businesses operate? How do you think it will affect businesses in the future?

These days, businesses are oftentimes judged on their social media platforms… And that includes not having them at all. I always remind clients that just because they’re not on social media, doesn’t mean customers and potential customers aren’t on there talking about them. And it’s best to be there to guide the messaging and respond to anything that’s being said. Though the most popular platforms may continue to change, I don’t see social media going away, ever.

What has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learned in your career?

Businesses have a lot of rules and regulations that oftentimes can’t be tested. Sometimes we’ll come up with an awesome idea for a client and they’ll shoot it down due to fear or uncertainty. I’ve had to learn that the most we can do is present our ideas and recommendations as effectively as possible, but at the end of the day, the client makes the final decision and oftentimes, we’ll have to go back to the drawing board. It can be tough to let go of a good idea, but we almost always manage to come up with something even better!

What have you found to be the biggest challenge in social media?

Helping clients understand all of the benefits of social media, like building brand awareness and creating brand advocates- things that can’t be translated into direct dollars, at least not immediately. Lots of times, if clients can’t see a ROI in dollar form from a social media post, they don’t want to use it. We’re constantly being challenged to come up with new formulas to define ROI.

Social media has become a major component of the modern marketing industry, but mastering it is something that eludes a lot of businesses out there because it takes so much time and tailoring. What advice would you give to companies to get the most out of their social media efforts?

Hire us! But really, the best advice I can give is to figure out what activates your audience and play to that. Also, never underestimate the power of engaging with fans personally on social platforms. It can definitely take time, but like all other areas of marketing, there really is no set-it-and-forget-it formula for social media.

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