Why and How to Add LinkedIn Buttons to Your Email Signature


With over 45 million users representing more than 130 different industries around the world, LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing networking sites on the web. The best part about the site is that it enables users to build their professional profile and expand their network by making strategic connections, seeking recommendations from colleagues and participating in interactive polls and discussions.

As traffic on LinkedIn continues to rise, it becomes increasingly clear that the site will become a necessary tool for even the most passive job seekers and networkers. To help promote the existence of your profile and make it easier to connect with colleagues, contacts, industry leaders, clients and potential prospects or employers, follow these simple steps to learn how to insert a LinkedIn button into your personal email signature.

Step 1– Log-in to your LinkedIn Account

Step 2– Go to your “Accounts and Settings” option

Step 3– Click on your “Public Profile” (Halfway down the “Accounts and Settings” page)

Step 4– Under the “Public Profile” go to “Promote Public Profile” and click on “Customized Buttons”

Step 5– Copy the entire code for this button

Step 6– Open Notepad on your computer and paste the code into the document

Step 7– Under “Save As”, save the file name as “LinkedIn.html”, and change file type to “All Files”

Step 8– Open Outlook, go to “Tools” and click on “Options”

Step 9– Go to “Mail Format” and click on “Signatures”

Step 10– Click on “New”

Step 11– Click on “Use this file as template,” then select your saved file. Next, add your contact details as you would like them to read over your LinkedIn button.

Now you are done!!

We would like to know how inserting a LinkedIn button to your email has helped increase your connections on LinkedIn or otherwise helped to get you noticed. Please share your success stories.

-Brie Bellefeuille

11 thoughts on “Why and How to Add LinkedIn Buttons to Your Email Signature

  1. Thats a question thats been outstanding for sometime, is it possible to get it scripted to Gmail?

  2. I can get all the way to Step 11 in Outlook, and when I click on “new” my only option is “type a name for this signature,” but no option to “use this file as template.” What am I missing here?

  3. Thanks for the great responses! I’m looking into the answers to your questions and will be happy to get back to you shortly.

  4. Great post Brie, thank you. Unfortunately in outlook 2007 you don’t have the “use as template” option. Any other suggestions ? Donal

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