Top Social Media Strategists to Watch in 2010

The 451 Team compiled the following list of the top social media strategists. We admire their work and look forward to what they’re going to come up with in 2010. This is not a comprehensive list of the great social media strategists out there, so we invite you to contribute with the names of any strategists you admire with a brief description of their work for us to post!

ahead of the pack

Chris Abraham (@chrisabraham) is the President and COO of social media marketing firm, Abraham Harrison LLC. He focuses on how memetics and emergence affect culture. Abraham specializes in Web2.0 technologies including content syndication, online collaboration, blogging and consumer generated media. He also works as an internet analyst, web strategy consultant, and adviser to the industry’s leading firms.

David Armano (@armano) is a senior partner at Dachis Group. His personal blog, “Logic + Emotion,” was ranked by Advertising Age as one of the top media and marketing blogs. Armano’s previous work includes leading creative strategy for agencies such as Digitas and Critical Mass.

Josh Bernoff (@jbernoff) is the SVP of idea development at Forrester Research. While at Forrester, Bernoff created Technographics, a system that groups customers by their use of technology. He is the co-author of “Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies.” Bernoff also contributes to the Forrester blog, Advertising Age and Marketing News.

Rohit Bhargava (@rohitbhargava)is a founding member of the 360 Digital Influence group at Oglivy. He wrote a guide called, “Personality Not Included,” which details how to use personality to reinvent marketing strategies. He continues to write the “Influential Marketing” blog, ranked in the top 50 marketing blogs in the world by Advertising Age.

Toby Bloomberg (@tobydiva) is the founder of “Diva Marketing Blog,” a fun and exciting outlet focused on marketing and social media. Bloomberg serves on the board of Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association, and is on the advisory board for DivineCaroline, an online women’s community.

Edward Boches (@edwardboches) is one of the original partners of Mullen and the founder of the blog/online magazine, “The Next Great Generation.” Boches is currently the Chief Creative Officer and Chief Social Media Officer at Mullen.

Jason Breed (@jasonbreed) is the senior director of business development at Neighborhood America, a consulting agency that focuses on social media strategies in business. Breed leads social media and online community initiatives on a corporate, media and government level.

Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan) has been working with social media to build digital relationships for businesses, organizations and individuals for the past 10 years. He is currently President of New Marketing Labs, a new media marketing agency that hosts Inbound Marketing Summit conferences and Inbound Marketing Bootcamp educational events. He helps large and mid-sized companies improve their marketing, PR and business communications through the use of social software, community platforms, and other emerging web and mobile technologies. Brogan’s blog, “,” is among the top ten of Advertising Age’s “Power150.”

Christopher Carfi(@ccarfi) is the co-founder of Cerado, Inc, which helps companies understand how to reach their customers with marketing and social media software. Carfi was also one of the first members of the RosettaNet Board of Directors. He regularly writes on his personal blog, “The Social Customer Manifesto.”

C. C. Chapman (@cc_chapman) is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Advance Guard, a media consultant group. He creates radical marketing programs using emerging technology and community platforms. In his podcast and blog, “Managing the Gray,” Chapman provides new media strategies and information on technology in simple terms.

Adam Cohen (@adamcohen) is a partner at the digital agency, Rosetta. He currently works as the leader of the Search, Online and Social Media unit at Rosetta. For the past couple years, Cohen has tackled topics such as interactive marketing and social media in his blog. His blog, “A Thousand Cuts,” also discusses how businesses leverage technology to drive and sustain value, and provides tips on team building.

Mack Collier (@mackcollier) is actively engaged with social media as a consultant, trainer, and speaker. His blog, “The Viral Garden,” highlights his position as an expert on social media as it continually has a monthly readership of 175,000.

Angela Connor (@communitygirl) is the Managing Editor of User-Generated Content at Her job includes managing day-to-day content direction, long term planning strategies and driving user engagement. Connor is the author of the book “18 Rules of Community Engagement: A Guide for Building Relationships and Connecting with Customers Online.”

Todd Defren (@tdefren) currently works at SHIFT Communications. The company is a hybrid PR firm in Boston that works with clients such as Club Med, Virgin Mobile, Bing and Wells Fargo. Defren is a co-founder and Board Member of the Social Media Club and an Advisory Board Member for the SmartBrief on Social Media. He is credited for creating social media releases and social media newsrooms, and his blog, “PR-Squared,” is a regular in the top 20 of Advertising Age’s “Power150.” Defren is also a “40 Under 40” honoree, a Fellow of the Society for New Communications Research and a frequent speaker on the topic of social media.

Dave Evans (@evansdave) is the co-founder of a strategic marketing service and specialized software application that supports social business strategy called Digital Voodoo. He is also the co-founder of, a podcast service firm focused on social media and marketing. Evans is the author of “Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day,” which defines guidelines for using and measuring social media as part of an integrated marketing plan.

Sally Falkow (@sallyfalkow) created the POWER branding formula, and is an accredited member of the Public Relations Society of America. Falkow is the author of the books “Your Brand of Expansion – How You Can Use PR Strategies to Expand Your Business,” and “WebSense: Effective Website Marketing Strategies.”

Jason Falls (@jasonfalls) gained his experience as a new media specialist by leading a national advertising agency’s interactive and social media efforts and working with various Fortune 100 brands. He is a social media strategist and an independent consultant in the social media industry. He is the Co-founder and President of Social Media Club Louisville, and currently serves an advisory role for Network Solutions, a leading domain name, web hosting and online marketing company.

AJ Gerritson (@ajgerritson) is a founding Partner at 451 Marketing (full disclosure, we work for AJ, but we truly believe he belongs on this list) and has been in the interactive strategy space for 12 years. In addition to overseeing the sales and marketing team at 451, AJ is a frequent speaker on the national circuit for social media marketing, social media strategy development, online lead generation, and search marketing. We expect him to lead 451 to big things in 2010!

Nathan Gilliatt (@gilliatt) is a Principal at Social Target, a consulting group focused on social media practices. Gilliatt is the author of the “Guide to Social Media Analysis,” a how-to on the tools and importance of listening to social media. Gilliatt also created the business blog, “The Net-Savvy Executive,” as a means for companies to explore new media strategies.

Paul Gillin (@pgillin) is a Research Fellow and a member of the advisory board of the Society for New Communications Research, as well as a co-chair of the social media cluster for the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council. He is the author of “The New Influencers,” and regularly writes for BtoB Magazine and Ziff-Davis Enterprise. Gillin is currently in the process of writing his new book, “Secrets of Social Media Marketing.”

Seth Godin (@sethgodins) is the CEO and creator of Yoyodyne, a leader in interactive direct marketing. Along with being an accomplished writer and the author of ten bestselling marketing books, Godin is a successful public speaker. He was ranked as one of the “21 Speakers of the Next Century” by Successful Meetings. Godin is a contributing editor for Fast Company Magazine, and created his own marketing blog, “”

Phil Gomes (@philgomes) is the SVP at Edelman Digital, where he advises on social media. He is also the Senior Advisor at the Society for New Communications Research. Gomes is considered the first person in the PR field to start a blog.

Beth Harte (@bethharte) is the Community Manager for MarketingProfs. She not only maintains a blog of her own called, “The Harte of Marketing,” but also she regularly contributes to Marketing Prof’s “Daily Fix.”

John Hingley (@crushdirect) is the founder of Andiamo Systems, a brand and media measurement company. He is also the CEO and founder of Crush Direct, a marketing and advertising agency for both B2B and consumer related services.

Jackie Huba (@jackiehuba) is the co-founder of the Society for Word of Mouth, which encourages members to embrace the power of word-of-mouth in business.  She is the co-author of the books “Citizen Marketers: When People Are The Message,” and “Creating Customer Evangelists: How Loyal Customers Become A Volunteer Sales Force.” The blog, “Church of the Customer,” which Huba co-writes, is one of the world’s most popular business blogs.

Tom Humbarger (@tomhumbarger) is a social media and community strategy consultant. He gained his expertise in marketing, by working as the community manager for Catalyze Community, a B2B group for professionals who design software applications and websites. Humbarger has his own blog, “Social Media Musings By Tom Humbarger,” which he updates regularly.

Shel Israel (@shelisrael) is a senior fellow of The Society for New Media Research, and is on the advisory board of the Social Media Club. He is the author of “Twitterville, How Businesses Can Thrive in the New Global Neighborhoods,” and the co-author of “Naked Conversations- How Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers.” Israel also started the consulting firm SIPR, which he ran for several years.

Mitch Joel (@mitchjoel)is President of Twist Image, an award-winning Digital Marketing and Communications agency. His book, “Six Pixels of Separation,” named after his successful blog and podcast, is a business and marketing bestseller. He is also a blogger, podcaster, passionate entrepreneur, and speaker on digital marketing and personal branding.  In 2006, he was named one of the most influential authorities on blog marketing in the world. In 2008, Mitch was named “Canada’s Most Influential Male in Social Media,” one of the top 100 online marketers in the world and a “Top 40 Under 40.”

Max Kalehoff (@maxkalehoff) is currently the Vice President of Marketing at Clickable. He is credited for starting the blog, “Attention Max,” and writes a weekly column in MediaPost. Kalehoff gained his marketing experience at Neilson BuzzMetrics and comScore Media Matrix.

Christina Kerley (@ckepiphany) is the Founder of CK Epiphany. She regularly contributes to MarketingProfs, an outlet that targets 270,000 marketers and professionals. Kerley created the first-ever marketing book club and her blog, “,” ranks in Advertising Age’s “Power150” as well as in Viral Garden’s “Top 25.”

Peter Kim (@peterkim) is the Managing Director of the North America division of Dachis Group, a social technologies firm. Kim previously worked as an analyst at Forrester Research, where he won an award for his work on social technologies and marketing plans.

JD Lasica (@jdlasica) is president of, and the co-founder of He is also a member of the Intel Insiders social media advisory group, and a board member of the Media Bloggers Association. Lasica is the author of “Darknet: Hollywood’s War Against the Digital Generation.” He regularly contributes to,, and Real People Network.

Justin Levy (@justinlevy) is currently the General Manager of New Marketing Labs, a new media marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses learn to use social media tools, blogs and community platforms. At New Marketing Labs, Levy teaches businesses about new media marketing and explains how to utilize listening tools to drive business value. Levy is also the General Manager of Caminito Argentinean Steakhouse. He routinely speaks and blogs about how new media has contributed to the success of the restaurant.

Charlene Li (@charleneli) is the founder of Altimeter Group, a consulting firm focused on new technologies and digital strategies. Prior to this she served as a vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research. Li is the co-author of “Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies.” Her next book, “Open: How Leaders Win By Letting Go” is due for 2010.

Valeria Maltoni (@conversationage) is an expert blogger at Fast Company, a magazine focusing on the conversation between marketer and customer. She also contributes to websites such as Marketing 2.0, Social Media Today, and The Blog Herald; as well the eBook, “The Age of Conversation.” Maltoni’s marketing blog, “Conversation Agent,” is regarded as one of the best of its kind.

Ben McConnell (@benmcconnell) published two books on the strength of customer loyalty: “Citizen Marketers: When People Are The Message,” and “Creating Customer Evangelists: How Loyal Customers Become A Volunteer Sales Force.” He is also the co-founder of the Society of Word of Mouth, and the “Church of the Customer” blog, which has a daily readership of over 120,000.

Marc Meyer (@marc_meyer) is a leader at Digital Response Marketing Group and co-founder of “hashtagsocialmedia,” a series of Twitter chats with social media gurus. Meyer consults with myriad of consumer product companies on how to achieve enhanced business results through marketing, sales and online efforts. Meyer previously worked as Director of Internet Marketing and Director of Social Media at Emerson Direct where he gained his background in social media.

Scott Monty (@scottmonty) is currently employed as the Global Digital and Multimedia Communications Manager at Ford Motor Company. Monty shares his knowledge about advertising, marketing, and PR in both his blogs, “The Social Media Marketing Blog” and “The Baker Street Blog.” Recently, Monty was named one of iMedia’s “25 Top Internet Marketing Leaders and Innovators.”

B.L. Ochman (@whatsnext) leads the creative team of, and publishes the “What’s Next Blog.” She also created the blog, “Ethics Crisis,” which explores corporate ethics and global business practices. Ochman is the author of the books “What Could Your Company Do With A Blog,” and “Press Releases From Hell and How To Fix Them”.

Lee Odden (@leeodden) is the CEO of an online marketing blog called, “Top Rank” that serves companies with online marketing strategy, consulting, implementation and training services. In 2008, he was named #15 of “Top 100 Online Marketers.”

Jeremiah Owyang (@jowyang)is a strategy consultant for emerging technology at Altimeter Group and previously worked as a Senior Social Media Analyst at Forrester Research. He writes a regular column for Forbes Magazine and regularly writes for his own blog, “Web Strategist.”

Shannon Paul (@shannonpaul) is the Communications Manager for PEAK6 Online, a parent company of, OptionsNewsNetwork ( and She manages the integration of social media communication into PR and marketing strategies. She gained her experience in communications by designing the social media strategy for the NHL’s Detroit Red Wings. She currently has her own blog, “Shannon Paul’s Very Official Blog,” which she updates regularly.

Christopher Penn (@cspenn) is the Founder and Producer of the multi-award winning “Financial Aid” podcast and co-founder of the PodCamp New Media Community Conference. He currently holds the position of Chief Technology Officer at the Student Loan Network.

Jeremy Pepper (@jspepper) is Director of PR and Social Media at Palisade Systems. Pepper has spent over a decade working in integrated communications and has won two Silver Anvils. His personal blog was named top PR blog in 2006 by an advertising blogging network.

Joel Postman (@jpostman) is currently Principal at Socialized, a consultancy that helps companies make effective use of social media in corporate communications, marketing and PR. Postman is also the author of “SocialCorp: Social Media Goes Corporate,” a handbook targeted to corporate executive and large companies that want to adopt social media strategies.

Mike Sansone (@mikesansone) works as a ‘blog coach,’ by helping companies and individuals create and maintain successful websites. Sansone previously helped build various online communities such as America Online and the Real Fans Sports Network. He currently works through his blog, “ConverStations: Blogs and Social Media as Conversation Stations.”

Robert Scoble (@scolbleizer) currently works for the IT hosting company, Rackspace, where he created Building 43, a community for people who love the Internet.  He is the co-author of “Naked Conversations: How Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers.” Scoble regularly writes for his personal blog, “”

David Meerman Scott (@dmscott) gained his experience and familiarity on social media by working as Vice President of two publicly traded companies. He currently works as a marketing strategist, keynote speaker, and seminar leader. Scott just completed his fifth book, “World Wide Rave.” His third book, “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” was a BusinessWeek bestseller.

Peter Shankman (@skydiver) is the founder of Help A Reporter Out (HARO), the largest free source repository in the world and the CEO of the boutique Marketing and PR Strategy firm, The Geek Factory, Inc.. Shankman regularly updates his blog, “,” and is the author of “Can We Do That?! Outrageous PR Stunts That Work and Why Your Company Needs Them.”

Brian Solis (@briansolis) is a Principal of Future Works, an award-winning PR and New Media agency in Silicon Valley. Solis is also the co-founder of the Social Media Club and is an original member of the Media 2.0 Workgroup. Solis writes for his own blog, “PR 2.0,” which is among the top 1.5% of all blogs tracked by Technorati, and regularly contributes to TechCrunch, BrankWeek, and WebProNews.

Liz Strauss (@lizstrauss) is a social web strategies and community builder and works with businesses, universities and individuals to help them understand the world of the social communications. She is the Founder of the business bloggers conference, SOBcon. She was featured in the “Top 100 Social Media & Internet Marketing Bloggers,” the “Top 100 Most Influential Marketers of 2008,” the “50 of the Most Powerful and Influential Women of Social Media,” and NxE’s “Fifty Most Influential ‘Female’ Bloggers.” In addition, her own blog, “Liz Strauss at Successful Blog,” is listed on Alltop Social Media and Alltop Twitterati.

Greg Verdino (@gregverdino) is currently employed as Chief Strategy Officer at Crayon, a group that specializes in strategic marketing. Previously he served as the VP at both Emerging Channels Digitas and Aribitron NewMedia. Verdino produced studies on consumer online media usage behavior and the impacts of convergence of traditional media channels. Verdino’s blog, “,” is known as being one of the most influential marketing blogs on the Internet and his book, “Micromarketing: A Breakthrough Approach to Building Brands by Thinking and Acting Small,” is set for release this summer.

Tamar Weinberg (@tamar) is a freelance writer and internet marketing consultant specializing in blogger outreach, viral marketing, and social media. She is also the author of “The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web,” a primer to social media marketing. Tamar is also Mashable’s Community and Marketing Director.  She has been recognized as one of the top most public influencers of the web in New York City by NowPublic, one of NxE’s most influential bloggers, and was featured in the “Top 100 Online Marketers” list. She blogs about her thoughts on social media at her personal blog,

Lena West (@lenawest) is the CEO and chief strategist at xynoMedia, a web-development and consulting group dedicated to assisting women-led companies with social media and Internet based objectives. West has been honored with several awards, including The Network Journal’s “40 Under 40,” and the “Entrepreneurial Champion for Women” by The Women’s Congress.

Dan Zarrella (@danzarella) is a communications specialist with expertise in web development, social media and blogs. He is currently the Inbound Marketing Manager of HubSpot and considers himself a social, search and viral marketing specialist. He is in the process of finishing the book, “The Social Media Marketing Book.” Zarrella shares his comprehensive understanding of social media by contributing regularly to blogs such as “Mashable,” “Copy Blogger,” and “ProBlogger.” Zarrella is also credited for developing applications such as Link Attraction Factors, TweetPsych, TweetSuite, and TweetBrandSponsers.

Linda Zimmer (@lgzimmer) is president and CEO of MarCom:Interactive. She sits on the Advisory Board at Web Wise Kids and is a consulting council member with the Gerson Lehrman expert network. She regularly updates her blog, “Business Communicators of Second Life,” where she discusses topics such as social media and ethics for marketers, communicators and agency professionals.

Add your picks for top social media strategists below!

AJ Gerritson

AJ Gerritson is the Founding Partner at 451 Marketing. Follow him on Twitter @AJGerritson

112 thoughts on “Top Social Media Strategists to Watch in 2010

  1. I’d like to nominate James Barisic (@jamesmb). James is an IT and Charity lawyer at Everys Solicitors but he has been working in the charity and non-for-profit sector advising on and developing social media strategies. He also speaks on social media, most recently at the UK Like Minds Conference, and has a special interest in building communities. Really effective understandable advice.

  2. Great list!! Did somebody already create a twitterlist of the experts, that would make it easy to follow? If not I’ll create one and share it here.
    Greetings form Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  3. Great list! People ask me all the time, “So who should I know?” or “Who’s blogs do I need to be reading?” Will definitely point them here in the future.

    Other tweeps I’d add: Stephanie Agresta (@stephagresta) and John Havens (@johnchavens). I work for both of them and they’re great strategists and mentors.

    Also, I agree with the other commentors. My former colleagues like Aaron Strout (@aaronstrout), Rachel Happe (@rhappe), and Jim Storer (@jimstorer) needs some love as well! Additional shout outs to other Boston greats: Doug Haslam (@dough), Laura Fitton (@pistachio), Stu Foster (@stuartfoster), Jeff Cutler (@jeffcutler), Adam Zand (@nooneyouknow), Bob Collins (@robertcollins), Todd Van Hoosear (@vanhoosear), Colin Browning (@crbrowning)…. so many smart thinkers/doers out there.

  4. Great list, but I’d have to say that one name that should be a definite addition is Danny Brown. He’s a walking encyclopaedia of social media best practices; his blog is one of the most informative around; and he’s mobilized social media in an amazing way with his 12for12k charity project. Be great to see him added. 🙂

    Thank you for reading,


  5. Peer, we are working on a twitterlist of experts today. We will share it here when it’s done! Thanks so much for all of the thoughtful comments and keep them coming. – @cristinalepore

  6. I think it would be great if we could see more of which campaigns these individuals have directly worked on, why they are successful and how they are ‘ones to watch in 2010.’ Seeing that someone updates blogs, writes a column in a trade magazine and is a personality on Twitter doesn’t show exactly how they are strategic.

  7. A good list. I second or third the Twitterlist idea…

    I would also add a couple of guys who’ve been helping global organizations since the internet was a dial up world: Joe Cothrel of Lithium and Mike Rowland of Impact Interactions. Both came out of and have a ton of real world experience. They also created many of the best practices for management of social media and communities that others use today.

    Joe’s info:
    Twitter: @Cothrel

    Mike’s info:
    Twitter: @Mrowland602 or @ImpactInteract

    Also surprised that Bill Johnston of Forum One didn’t make the list…

  8. these great additions just prove that there Are people who understand the space and are doing good work! in the nonprofit world @geoffliving @kanter @nedra; in healthcare @fardj @stevewoodruff

  9. I just created a Twitter List with all of the social media strategists at

    And I would like to add two more names to your list:

    Mark Wallace – Mark is VP of Social Media at EDR and responsible for getting their commonground community a 2009 Groundswell Award for B2B community. Mark used to be the VP of Sales at Shared Insights/Mzinga and helped develop the market for their white label social media software. Mark is at

    Derek Showerman – Derek will be starting a new position with Sokolove Law as their social media strategist next week. Formerly, he was a social media/community strategist at Mzinga and started the social media strategy consulting business for Authority Domains. Derek is at


  10. Wow. Thanks for the inclusion!

    One nit: I do not in fact head up the interactive solutions practice. Rick Murray is the president of Edelman Digital.

    Thanks again!

  11. Tom:

    You are too kind. I appreciate your nice comments and for suggesting me for inclusion on such an impressive list of folks who I admire. And – there is no doubt you should be on this list – I have learned a ton from you over the years. Thx.


  12. 1- nice list, very inclusive and all people worth checking out– perhaps an OPML file of their RSS feeds is in order?

    2- Thanks to the nice folks/friends who nominated me in comments. “People’s Cherce?” Regardless merely flattered to consider many of the people on the main list my colleagues

    3- I’d like to second Adam Cohen’s adds:
    Aaron Strout: he’s a client, but that’s not why; ( he is constantly connecting and making us think
    Jim Storer and Rachel Happe ( are very generous with the community and have backgrounds that have armed them with tons of knowledge:
    Kyle Flaherty ( I have watched develop from PR guy to more marketing, and is a real hands-on social marketing guy

  13. Great list of folks involved in the social media space. I would suggest two others:

    1. Shel Holtz – and

    2. Neville Hobson – and

    For almost five years now (and over 500 episodes), Shel and Neville have been commenting on the intersection of social media, PR and marketing on their twice-weekly “For Immediate Release” podcast – and have built a strong following of PR and marketing practitioners who participate in the FIR community. Both Shel and Neville write on their own blogs and other sites and advise their clients around social media strategy and integrating social media into communication plans.

    I’d also second the comments earlier about Doug Haslam – he does great work!

    (Full disclosure, for the past 4 years, I have been a weekly correspondent into the Thursday FIR episodes, so I’m admittedly a bit biased.)

  14. List is great, but you missed Steve Lubetkin an early leader. Steve has been producing outstanding podcasts for the NJ Bank Marketing Assoc. before any one knew what they were. Leading expert and great speaker. Contact info twitter handle is @podcast steve.

  15. Just getting started with all this, and I see here lots of resources I’ll be following. Steve Lubetkin, APR, (@podcaststeve) has been a tremendous help to me, especially trying to bring podcasting and online video into our mix.

  16. Another great one to watch is Steven L. Lubetkin of Professional Podcasts LLC ( & twitter: @PodcastSteve). A great producer, speaker and resource located in the NJ & PA area. We’ve been working with him for years!

  17. For my money, Steve Lubetkin certainly should be on this list… He has a great command of social media and has been a pioneer.

    Bob Frump

  18. Great list! I would also add Gary Vaynerchuk … he recently released “Crush It!” and is becoming a force to reckon with in social media marketing.

  19. Thanks for including Des Moines, Iowa’s own Mike Sansone. He is so much more than a blog coach. He truly is a creative thinker from all corners of the digital strategy matrix. He has the ability to think of dozens of solutions in a very short time and is such a great connector, so he recommends people to help make your vision happen. I highly recommend Mike. And I’m a Princess. So you can trust me. :~)

  20. This is an amazing list! Great to see Des Moines’ own Mike Sansone represented here. I’ve met very few people who can match his passion for new media and social technology. I’ve had the honor of co-presenting a few times with Mike and it is always a blast. Thanks for a great post.

  21. Great list of folks who know how to cultivate community both online AND offline. Thanks for including me (and for the comments above that shout me further). Together we’re smarter!

  22. Great post. I would also consider Brian Giesen (@bdgiesen) another influential strategist. A founding member of Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence who is now with Ogilvy in Australia and Asia Pacific, where he is doing an outstanding job.

  23. One of the more progressive and thoughtful list posts of key social media influencers I’ve seen. Congratulations. You’ve already listed many of my favorites, including: Valeria Maltoni (@conversationage)

    Two suggestions/additions come to mind…
    Simon Mainwaring:,
    Steve Rubel:,

    I’m now following you and looking forward to future evolutions of 451heat and this list! -Peter

  24. You missed Alan Schoenberg, @allanschoenberg the Director of Communications for @CMEGroup.
    And I would also endorse @aaronstrout and @rachelhappe and @jimstorer who taught so much when I started my blog and are great resources.

  25. Great List. Another social media guru to watch for is Tiffany Champagne @mstchampagne very creative in her approach to connect on multicultural levels.

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