How to tell if your PR agency sucks!

There are a lot of pr agencies out there that suck. Don’t get stuck with one! Watch this presentation to discover the tell-tale signs. Enjoy! From the PR team at 451 Marketing


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AJ Gerritson

AJ Gerritson is the Founding Partner at 451 Marketing. Follow him on Twitter @AJGerritson

13 thoughts on “How to tell if your PR agency sucks!

  1. Ha, this video goes against practically everything that is taught in schools today. My PR teacher actually said, “Twitter is stupid, you can’t express anything in 140 characters”.

  2. #1 rule for making any agency you work with better? Be a good client! Communicate with your account manager, take some risks, listen to their advice and include them in your decision making process.

    Through being a good client, you will wind up working with PRs who will bend over backwards to make you happy.

  3. The game is definitely changing. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Sean. AJ

  4. Very clever, compelling, and entertaining but ultimately not very insightful or deep.

  5. Hi Don,
    Clever, compelling, and entertaining was all we were hoping to achieve with this piece. Thanks for stopping by and contributing your feedback!

  6. This is great! Looking forward to your showing me how to leverage Sm for my industry!

  7. Wondered if 451 licensed the Beatles tune and what they paid. It’s clearly a commercial piece not opinion. To echo Don, amusing but not illuminating.

  8. Hi Peter, thanks for commenting.

    We created this piece purely for comedic entertainment for our colleagues within our industry. We really were not trying to teach or inform by it – again, just amuse. We gathered feedback from people in the social community that had been frustrated by firms that were lacking and compiled their thoughts into this piece.

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