Thinking about Facebook Changes

Last night I was catching up on some Facebook notifications, checking up on some old friends, looking at my upcoming events, etc., and I got to thinking about how much Facebook evolved since I first started using the social networking site.

I remember when I updated my Interests at least once per month, was invited to events by non-promoters, didn’t have to sort through twelve page suggestions every day and could write on someone’s wall without worrying about it showing up on mutual friends’ news feeds. Those are definitely some things I miss, but I enjoy some of the new features as well. Now, the design is more user-friendly and search results are far more comprehensive. I can comment on other people’s wall posts and I can block certain parts of my profile from certain people. The site is certainly different.

I think it’s interesting how much social networking sites change in a short period of time and I’m excited to see what comes next. I’d assume a lot of the social networking sites will focus on mobile integration in 2010. What do you think? What’s next for social networking sites like Facebook?


One thought on “Thinking about Facebook Changes

  1. I find it interesting that every time Facebook changes its user interface or dashboard, there is an uproar and dozens of groups are created to rally against the “new Facebook.”

    For a world that is quick to embrace smart technology and is hopping on the Twitter bandwagon, people are strangely resentful of changes to Facebook. Either way, I like the added privacy and search features and the Twitter-Facebook connection with the #fb hashtag.

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