Tomorrow (April 16th) is “Foursquare Day,” the first Global Social Media Holiday

Friday, April 16 has been officially designated “Foursquare Day,” or at least the company put its support behind this simple idea of some Foursquare users. The reason tomorrow is the selected date is “since four-squared equals 16, it would be great to check into Foursquare [and create Foursquare Day] on the 4th 16th of the year, otherwise known as 4 / 16 or April 16th.”

Foursquare Day, the first Global Social Media Holiday, will be celebrated across the world in over 100 major cities. Foursquare Day founders are enticing users to attend special Foursquare Day events, by promoting special offers at venues and the likelihood of attendees earning a Swarm badge. Foursquare is rumored to be offering a brand new badge, The Foursquare Day badge, for the occasion as well. It’s unclear what exactly you would have to do to earn the badge, but it would probably include checking in at one of the designated Foursquare Day party venues during the designated times.

Rumored Foursquare Day Badge

If you’re in Boston, drop into The Good Bar for Boston’s Foursquare Day Party between 6pm and 9pm tomorrow night and meet some fellow Foursquare users.

What do you think of this idea? Do you think other companies will use this idea in event marketing? What else could companies do with Foursquare?

4 thoughts on “Tomorrow (April 16th) is “Foursquare Day,” the first Global Social Media Holiday

  1. I think today, all across the country there will be flash mobs at post offices for people sending their checks to the IRS and checking in on Foursquare while waiting in lines…

  2. I sure hope some more Boston companies start using 4Square… its not nearly as popular here as in NYC. AJ has a good point, companies may not need to offer deals with everyone getting their tax refunds today!

  3. I think this is actually a really cool idea and might actually be successful for Foursquare and especially the businesses that participate. I wonder if Twitter and Facebook will eventually follow suit now that both networks are starting to integrate location-based services.

  4. Thanks for the feedback! Peter, I agree that Boston companies need to be taking advantage of Foursquare. And Alice, I think it’d be wise for Twitter and Facebook to follow in Foursquare’s footsteps as well. There’s a lot of opportunity to use mobile applications/location-based services in business marketing plans.

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