Google Local Business Becomes Google Places

Last week Google decided to change the name of Google Local Business Center to Google Places. Google made this decision based on the idea that Google Place Pages will better connect with the place where local business information is claimed, entered and enhanced.

Along with the name change, come a few more changes. Specifically, Google Places allows businesses to put more information in their local listings, shows coupons and “real-time” updates alongside local listings, offers free interior photographs by Google and boasts a new Help Center for businesses. Additionally, Google Places provides stats on the click-through rate of the listing.

What do you think of these changes? Do you think they’ll help businesses gain more exposure and encourage engagement with customers?

5 thoughts on “Google Local Business Becomes Google Places

  1. I like this name change – I think “Google Places” fits Google’s style much better

  2. I think it’s probably confusing a lot of people who are used to using the local business center…..just when they get used to that, Google ups and calls it something else. For most people using local listings (small to mid sized businesses), they don’t have a dedicated internet marketing department and this may just be another hoop they feel they have to jump through to please google.

  3. Google is rolling out all these things with Google places…..the ability to get your biz photographed BY GOOGLE……..the ability to post coupons online next to your local listing………….the ability to apply for a decal that states your business is one of google’s favorite places. It feels like Google is trying to take over the world and those who are behind the curve are (maybe?) going to get screwed!

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