The iPad Ban: Does it mean anything for Apple?

The iPad is the latest, and possibly, greatest creation by Apple. It is advertised as the product that can go everywhere. But can it really go everywhere? Think again, because Yankee Stadium recently banned this device!

The stadium confirmed this through Yahoo Sports saying, “the iPad falls under its no laptops security policy.”  Many users are outraged that they are not allowed to bring their iPads into the stadium.

It seems a little strange that a fan would want to bring an iPad into the game. It is especially odd because Wi-Fi is available throughout the complex.

Despite how you feel about this iPad ban, it doesn’t look like it will be reversed anytime soon. What do you think of this new security policy?  Do you think it affects the “revolution,” that is iPad? Does it even matter to Apple?  And, do you think future technologies will meet resistance? Let us know!

– Becky Greenwood

4 thoughts on “The iPad Ban: Does it mean anything for Apple?

  1. I think the ban at the stadium is appropriate. An iPad case/device is definitely large enough to conceal a bomb that could kill thousands of people in close proximity. Until the stadium uses x-ray technology similar to airports (the kind you run your laptop through), it is their responsibilty to keep people safe.

  2. I agree with AJ. Not to mention that the stadium is an area meant for fun and recreation- whether someone needs an iPad or some other technological device, it seems like this is a forgotten fact!

  3. Apple doesnt just produce appliances; they create solutions that people can see fitting into their lives eventually. As a university student with a bustling life, I can see this being a very usable thing to own.

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