A College Student’s Reflection on the Kno Tablet

As a college student, I am constantly trying to find more efficient ways of studying and note taking. I value the importance of a quality education, but I also value time spent with family and friends. Our time in school is limited to four short years and I want to be spend as little of that precious time confined in the solitude of the library preparing for exams as possible.

Thankfully, there is a new device on the market which promises to help me do just that. The Kno tablet, produced by a company called Kno, Inc., is essentially an electronic textbook consisting of two 14 inch touchscreens joined by a center hinge. Unlike the increasingly popular iPad produced by Apple, the Kno supports Adobe Flash and has double the viewable screen space, giving users even more of what they want.

Kno CEO Osman Rashid remarked that the tablet will soon be all you need to bring with you to the class or office, especially since the frontman is said to be teaming up with textbook providers around the country. Compared to a traditional textbook, the Kno tablet will allow students to write and organize notes in one place, as well as surf the internet, watch videos and basically concentrate on everything but their studies.

Now, I fully support the wonderful direction in which technology pushes us, but I think this is a tad ridiculous. While the tablet may allow you to access all of your textbook information in one succinct device, don’t we have enough distractions in school without our books being able to access Facebook and Twitter as well as our lap tops? Not to mention the fact that after a frustrating night of studying, a traditional textbook will withstand a stress relieving throw to the wall, whereas the Kno tablet most likely will not.

The Kno tablet creators may be trying to jump on the latest technology fad and capitalize on the iPad consumer market, but to expect to render real books obsolete is more than a lofty ambition for the new device. With technology and social media outlets beginning to occupy previously untouched areas of school, work and home life, how far is too far? Do you think the tablet is worth the close to $1,000 price tag or would you be content reading a traditional textbook? –Christina Cherel

12 thoughts on “A College Student’s Reflection on the Kno Tablet

  1. Although this sounds like a great tool for traveling, I think that it will not end up in the classroom. Lately, teachers are already getting fed up with laptops entering the room because of the added distractions. Students are more focused on updating their status then on taking notes. I have many professors that have already banned laptops and others that only allow them at certain times. Also I think that $1,000 is a little too pricey for students. So for now I think I will just stick to buying the textbooks.

  2. “a traditional textbook will withstand a stress relieving throw to the wall, whereas the Kno tablet most likely will not.”

    this is so true!!!!! I’ve thrown many a books, but with something like the Kno Tablet, I would be really scared to relieve stress. Does the tablet do anything else.

    this looks like the iPad. I think that the iPad has more potential to act not only as our textbooks, but our leisure books, photo albums, internet, and music. The Kno tablet just looks like some KNOck-off if you ask me.

  3. Personally, I like to highlight when I read because otherwise I forget what I just read…….
    It would make my backpack alot lighter though!! Nice blog!

  4. I am so glad I read this because I had no idea that there was such a thing. It would definitely create a more interactive learning experience and coming from a person who is not a huge book fan, I could absolutely see how this would ignite a new interest in reading. Thanks for the blog!

  5. Sounds like a good idea for students who are careful with their belongings- this might survive a week in my hands and backpack. I wonder how much money you might actually save? I would assume that you would have to spend about the same to actually be able to gain access to textbooks as you would purchasing them in paper form. Very well-written and informative blog!

  6. Interesting blog and I have not heard of the Kno Tablet. While it is an impressive device and seems like it could be both adaptable to the school and work place, I believe that its link to “surf the internet” will be a major distraction. Many employers are limiting access to some and/or all sites as they hinder an employees ability to perform their job most efficiently. The same would apply in an academic setting. It would take the wait off someone’s shoulder not lugging around all those text books in their backpack but I am not sure if the Kno Tablet would literally out weigh the text books.

  7. As a biology professor, I have been pondering how the Kno tablet could be of more use than currently available materials….such as textbooks on line and the ancillary materials on the textbook web sites. All this material is already accessible through the internet and thus can be reached by wireless devices anywhere on campus. Kno tablet as iPad alternative, maybe. But as a step forward, I don’t think so.

    One further comment: if a student relies prinicipally upon an electronic device for storage of notes, texts, etc., what happens when the device is lost or stolen or is broken? While back-ups are possible, I don’t believe they are made nearly often enough to avert some tragedies.

  8. I haven’t heard of the Kno Tablet either but it sounds like a cross between the iPad and the Kindle, both of which I have a secret hatred for. The iPad seems to just be big a bigger version of the iPhone and the Kindle makes me really sad because I love the feeling of holding a book, turning the pages in anticipation, or throwing it across the room just like you said. You make a really good point that the Kno Tablet will most likely add to the many distractions that are already readily available to students. And the $1,000 price tag?? I don’t know about everyone else but after four years of college I’ve spent a little less than that on books and I was able to sell them back after the semester ended. So not even a big money saver! Yeah definitely not a fan of this one.

  9. I do not think the Kno tablet would be well received in the classroom. Our seasoned teachers are sometimes not always ready to receive the next technology craze. I think its also expensive. However in four years your cost of books actually goes significantly over the $1,000.. price tag. Even selling your books back, they depreciate greatly. Also, sometimes the old fashioned things are always someone favorite.

  10. I do not think the Kno tablet would be a good device for the classroom setting or work place.
    Many of the teachers who have taught for many years, have a hard time accepting new technology devices. Students already have many distrations through out the school and in the class settings. Many companies are limiting their employees access to many sites because it affects their ability to perform thier jobs. For those who don’t enjoy reading books, and going to the library the Kno tablet might be something they would enjoy.

  11. I have never heard of the Kno tablet..but I do think technology has its good points and not so good points. I think sometimes when we take the short cut or the easy way, we sell ourselves short..I can’t completely explain..You absorb something much better if you read and discuss..not like on a tablet like in a textbook I mean books can be a comfort..I feel soon we will all just live in this little techsphere.isolated , with our Ipods Ipads Kno tablets cell phones computers etc and so busy with all this stuff that we have no time for life.

  12. On the one hand, reducing the load of books in my backpack would be amazing, however I agree with Christina that the reality is books will not become obsolete. I pity the people who rarely pick up a pencil or pen because they’re consumed with typing everythingg. This gadget would only support that.

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