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Alhough Google has defined and become synonymous with search – most people say they are “googling” something when they use any kind of search engine – bing is proving to be a serious contender in the fight to be the search engine of the people.  bing is slowly insinuating its way into our lives through these examples:

Through these channels, I predict that bing will “own” approximately 25-35% share of the search market by sometime in 2011.  In other words, 25-35% of us will probably be using bing, if not on purpose, then by default.  I’ve found it to be a very functional platform and it almost seems as though it’s “hipper” than Google, which has recently been embroiled in privacy concerns.  (Of course bing is a Microsoft product, which many view as monopolizing technology in general) What are your thoughts?

-Mary Smucker-Priest

18 thoughts on “bing vs. Google

  1. Google is still my favorite search. Nothing seems to get in the way vs Bing. I mean what’s with the “enter a search term” alt text that pops up over the search box when i want to type in my search that’s annoying and interferes the view of what is being typed into the search box. You did not ask but I also prefer to use Chrome Browser.

  2. I experimented with Bing search when it was first released and was not impressed. Bing search results were not as relevant as Google results for my particular needs. Google continues to be the standard by which others, including Microsoft are measured. Although Microsoft has some impressive features in their Bing Maps beta sites, Google Maps are free for mashups making the Google Maps adoption more widespread. In addition, the “Google Base” provides richer content, as users can provide their own information about restaurants, corrected addresses, etc.

  3. I don’t like bing because i feel like it makes too many decisions for you. I like Google.

  4. I have never tried bing. I guess it’s easy to get stuck in the ways of what’s comfortable for you. I love Google and I don’t usually feel sketched by privacy issues. But I think I’m just not overly concerned with that type of thing in general.

    Google is so simple and straightforward with the searching, and the results are usually quite decent. Back when I first had access to the Internet, I used Yahoo! search. I guess that was pre-Google so it wasn’t like the other choices were amazing (Lycos, MSN, But once I was introduced to Google, I never felt a frustration for something better really. Bing’s been advertised all over the place, which I also find to be a bit of a turnoff. Google doesn’t need to advertise like that because it’s good and people know it.

    When a company for a competing search engine starts throwing in your face advertising on the TV, radio, etc. and when plugs for Bing are featured on tv shows or radio morning programs that are so clearly staged and sponsored, it lowers the integrity, IMHO. Like they’re trying to bribe people.

  5. I still use Google, but Bing is pretty awesome. I use Bing on my iPhone instead of the Google apps. I thought it was really interesting hearing Steve Jobs sing the praises of Bing at his WWDC the other day.

  6. I’ve gotten used to using Google-based programs (gmail, picasa) which I like a lot, but I’m slowly developing a fondness for bing. The jury is still sequestered, but I’m pretty sure the verdict is leaning toward bing. Plus I’m looking forward to hearing more people say they are going to “bing” a topic instead of “googling” it.

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