Social Media Aids in Gulf Coast Relief Efforts

The Gulf Coast oil spill tragedy has a horrific effect on both our economy and the environment.  This disaster opened up the door for many businesses and nonprofit organizations to aid in the relief effort.  One of the most recent tools utilized in relief efforts is social media.  With this said, there are some major efforts geared toward cleaning up this mess and delivering support to those in the local coastal areas via social media.

The first social media tool being used is The Oil Reporter App, which was launched by Crisis Commons.  This app equips users to help with the recovery effort by using real-time check-ins to report what they are viewing onsite.  Individuals can upload photos and videos in order to report oil, harmed wildlife sightings, and other issues that they may have run into.

The next major relief effort is brought forth by the Greater New Orleans Foundation.  The foundation is utilizing social media in order to help the local fishermen that are suffering during this time.  They are using YouTube videos, Twitter, Facebook, and blogs to get the message out there concerning actual stories.  The funds from this are being used to help Louisiana’s displaced fisherman, who produce approximately one-third of U.S. seafood.

The National Wildlife Federation is also taking action by organizing local teams.  This federation is using social media as a tool in organizing the local and online volunteers that would like to help. They offer many options for volunteers such as working with the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, cleaning up the coast, spotting wildlife in distress, and using their own personal social media sites to promote the volunteer action.

With this tragedy affecting our country, we are all looking for ways to help.  If you know any other social media tools that could help in this effort, let us know!

-Becky Greenwood

10 thoughts on “Social Media Aids in Gulf Coast Relief Efforts

  1. I would love to donate some time this summer to help clean up animals in crisis. I am going to use my Facebook page to see if anyone has a contact I could use to get involved.

  2. Social media is a very useful tool to communicate to people around the world!

  3. I would like a twitter account that tell us what we can do as ordinary people to help the situation. I feel a bit helpless because I don’t know what service I can provide besides raising awareness of the problem at hand.

  4. I feel completely helpless in regards to the oil spill. I would love to see a social media app that tracks the spread of the oil damage. I would also like to understand where I could donate to help with this cause

  5. I would like to see if there is someplace online that I can see the different ways that they are trying to clean up the oil and how successful they are. Also I have heard on the news that there are places where people are submitting ideas. I wish that there was a place I could see and comment on them.

  6. I think this is a great way to get people involved, get those young people involved! We need to follow up in the future to continue our efforts!

  7. This is a great tragedy! Social media will help us work as a team to clean up this mess!

  8. Where can I find more information on the Greater New Orleans Foundation to help them out?

  9. having a phone application for smartphones that keeps people updated on how things are going and how they can help would be a good idea

  10. Can we use social media to remove oil from the ocean?

    I bet Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter page can solve the oil spill tragedy.

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