Study Finds Three-Word Queries Drive Majority of SEO Traffic

Chitika, an ad network, recently published interesting results from a study of 41,103,403 impressions of search traffic coming into its network between June 13 and June 19.

Chitika found that 26 percent of organic search traffic was the result of three-word searches. Two-word searches followed with 19 percent of organic search traffic. Four word searches followed that with 17 percent, and finally, one-word searches accounted for 14 percent of organic searches.

Interestingly, Chitika found that queries beyond five words see dramatically decreased organic traffic, but this is different with paid clicks. The ad network found the highest ad click rates were for queries five, six and four words. After six words, clicks dropped significantly.

Are you surprised by these results? Will you change your SEO strategy based on this study’s findings?

For more information on this study, visit here.

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