Get Hired Using Videos, Blogs and other Social Media

With 9.2% nationwide unemployment and an increasing number of qualified people looking for jobs, applicants are becoming more creative in the job search.  For example, the paper resume has taken a back seat to the “digital interview” as YouTube is becoming an emerging platform for job seekers to showcase their expertise, skills and talents to prospective employers.

Using YouTube as a platform for job applications is more personalized and can be more effective than a resume when done correctly.  Video is a great way to “brand yourself,” reach a broader audience and highlight special talents that may not stand out on a traditional resume.   Additionally, video is a great way to show your personality and demonstrate who you are beyond words on paper.

Blogs are another useful way to pop up on the radar of a hiring manager or corporate executive.  Use blogs to strategically place yourself directly in front of targeted companies, by using search optimization and strategic content creation.  However, make sure that you create relevant content and attract attention in a positive way.  SlideShare is also another great way to communicate your knowledge and creativity in your field of expertise.

Some Tips:

  • Promote yourself and be creative, consistent and honest; build authority with your target audience and followers
  • Post videos and blogs links on your website (if you have one), and remember to tweet and post to Facebook to increase visibility
  • Make sure your contact information is visible so you can actually be reached
  • You never know who is watching – if you have an idea for a company, build it and share online
  • Enter contests hosted by companies you might like to work for – this is a great way to stand out from the pack and increase your chances of landing a job
  • Use LinkedIn to connect with recruiters, and learn more about the companies and the people who work at them

Social media is powerful and can put you in front of the “right” people in your job search as your build your network.  Remember to reach out to your social network often, offer valuable information and continue to look for new ways to build your brand.

Have you used social media to find a job or learn more about a job?   What worked for you?  Do you think social media will come to replace the traditional resume in the future?

-Jenn Smith

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