451 Marketing’s Six Best Tips for Giving a Great Press Interview

Lie. Feel free to embellish to make yourself or your company look good. Don’t ever let the truth get in the way of a good story. When in doubt, misinform, mislead, and exaggerate!
Speak quickly and/or mumble. Use short, choppy sentences. Generally be as incoherent as possible. It’s the reporter’s problem if they can’t understand you.
Go completely silent occasionally. This helps to ensure the reporter is actually paying attention. When they ask if you’re still there (if it’s a phone interview), say “I’m just messing with you.” Use pointless analogies to help keep the conversation lively.
Stir up controversy. Disagree often using statements including: “That’s just stupid,” “Of course not,” and “Are you crazy.” It’s a great way to guarantee you are quoted while being both defensive and accusatory.
“Sorry, you’re breaking up.” Always call from a cell phone. Even if you have a great connection, pretend you’re breaking up. It shows just how important you are and it really keeps the reporter on their toes.
Of course you can approve the story. Always ask. If the reporter says “no,” tell them that they can no longer run the story and if they do, you’re going to have your “friend” pay them a visit.

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-451 PR Team

AJ Gerritson

AJ Gerritson is the Founding Partner at 451 Marketing. Follow him on Twitter @AJGerritson

One thought on “451 Marketing’s Six Best Tips for Giving a Great Press Interview

  1. Wow, what great tips! I can’t wait to have my next press interview so that I can try these out. Thanks 451!

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