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As of last Wednesday, a brand can now create a custom experience on Facebook using Klout scores to target fans with the largest social media followings thanks to social marketing company Involver.  Companies can add the Klout Coupon App on their Facebook page as a Facebook Tab, which asks visitors for their Klout score.  Based on their Klout score, a brand can decide what pages are visible to the visitor and how to reward them. Klout is the leading way to measure online influence based on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.  Setting up your Klout Coupon App is very simple; below you’ll find an explanation of how it works, along with some tips to help you get started.

Starting from the Involver website, you may install the Klout Coupon Application.

You are then redirected to Facebook to verify the addition of this application to your Facebook Page and allow permission.

After applying the Klout Coupon App you will have access to your settings where you can establish your landing image, threshold settings, and visitor rewards.

The Landing Image is an image that will appear when the user first lands on your page.  It is recommended to include a visible Call-To-Action indicating that the user must click on the image to get their Klout score and coupon.  For example, on the Audi landing page viewers are encouraged to click and get their Klout score in exchange for a free Le Mans desktop graphic.

Klout scores measure how much influence a viewer has in its social network on a scale from 1 to 100.  The Klout Coupon App allows you to establish a threshold between 0 and 100.  By establishing this threshold you can set the Klout score that separates your most influential users from the crowd.

Next is the configuration of the coupons.

The coupon image will show up after the user’s score is calculated.  The coupon details are optional and are to your discretion.  They will appear above the coupon image.

You can also configure separate coupons for users below your selected Klout score threshold. If they are below your threshold, you might want to consider providing the visitor with a link that leads to a branded document offering tips on how to raise their Klout score.  The coupon can be a link or document.  You can even include unique coupon codes to track redemption.

Lastly, you can limit who has access to the Klout landing page by using it as a Fan Gate, which means it is only visible to those visitors who have already Liked your Facebook page.  Doing this can create special offers to influential, but having accessible to everyone allows for the creation of buzz around your brand.

Below is an example of the Klout Coupon App in action through the Involver Facebook page.

After clicking you are redirected to the coupon page.


As you can see, Involver has made this is a pretty simple process. This Klout/Facebook bridge offers businesses another way to reward and engage social influencers in their network.  What do you think about this Klout and Facebook integration? Will your business take advantage of this tool? Let us know your thoughts.

-Elizabeth Bond, 451 Marketing Social Media Intern


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