#FutureM 2011: Events We’re Excited to Attend


#FutureM.  If you’re a marketing professional in Boston, this week-long mega-conference is a must.  With more than 50 events in Boston, Cambridge, and beyond, it’s a chance for thought leaders in the area to discuss current trends and what they forsee as the future of marketing in Massachusetts.  That being the case, several members from the 451 Marketing team will be attending an array of events.  To kick off the week, I asked them to tell us about their top picks for events at FutureM 2011.

Max Silver, Social Media Specialist (@maxesilver)

Pick one?  Can’t do it.   But if I have to narrow it down to two, here are my choices.

First, “Mastering Rich Media Mobile Advertising.”  I can’t wait to hear more insight on the fast-evolving industry of mobile advertising, particularly because the integration of rich media on mobile will lead to the ability to increase effectiveness of geo-location marketing.

Second, “Strategies for Captivating Customers and Extending Brand Value Across Digital Channels” AND “Creating an Integrated Customer Experience Across Channels.”  (Well, I guess that makes three.  Sorry.)  These two events are especially interesting because there are a lot of brands who do a great job on one platform, be it Facebook, Adwords, their website, etc – but not many companies have created a truly integrated experience across all platforms.


AJ Gerritson, Founding Partner (@AJGerritson)
I am really looking forward to FutureM Opening Night.  The entire week is a testament to the incredible talent in and innovative spirit of the Boston business community.  This will be a great kick-off to the week and an awesome opportunity to network with fellow marketers.





Karyn Martin, Public Relations Senior Account Director (@KarynMartin)

I’m very interested to hear the panel discussion on, “Has M-Commerce Finally Arrived? Consumers, Technology and What the Digital Wallet Means for You.” The mobile wallet space is like the Wild West right now- there is so much money to be made for the companies that get it right, first and convenience to be had for the end consumer. But what are the risks in storing all of our sensitive personal data on our phone? And what’s the timeline for when I can leave my wallet at home? As someone who indulges in retail therapy regularly- can’t wait to hear what this panel has to say!


Halley Sheffield, Marketing Manager (@HalleyAlice)

I’m really excited for “The Psychology of Social.” I was a Psychology Major in undergrad and have always been fascinated in what motivates people to act – that’s why I’m in Marketing.  I have made a lot of assumptions about what makes people tick in the Social-sphere and want to see the science and numbers behind the behaviors.



Elizabeth Bond, Project Manager (@elizbond)

I am looking forward to “Creating an Integrated Customer Experience Across Channels.”  I am currently working on a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications, so naturally I am interested in any opportunity to explore IMC further.  In addition, as a member of the creative team at 451 Marketing, I am always interested in learning more about cross-media marketing campaigns.  Currently, we work hard to develop targeted campaigns that span various media channels, like direct mail and online.  I’m excited to see what this event will teach us about customer communication across online media platforms to help us grow in that area.



Laura Christo, Public Relations Account Executive (@LauraChristo)
I’m excited about attending “Massachusetts: The Future of Marketing is Here.” Born and raised in MA, I’m proud to be from and live in a state that is such a hotbed for technologies that are redefining the practice of marketing today and that I have so many like-minded people right in my backyard.





What events are you excited for during this week’s #FutureM week?  Let us know in the comment section below!

Halley Sheffield

Halley Sheffield is the Director of Marketing at 451 Marketing @halleyalice

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