451 Marketing Art Party Featuring the Photographs of Ilene Perlman

A few times every year, the 451 Marketing office in Boston undergoes a major change  – we welcome a new, local artist to our large, white walls.  On Thursday evening, 451 Marketing hosted an Art Party showcasing the works of Boston photographer Ilene Perlman at our headquarters in Boston.

“This was a great opportunity for us to network, have some fun, and enjoy Ilene’s beautiful work,” said AJ Gerritson, 451 Marketing Founding Partner. “Ilene’s photographs have definitely boosted the energy in our office and we really enjoyed sharing it with colleagues and friends.”

Boston photojournalist Ilene Perlman has been photographing people and travel for clients in the editorial, educational, and corporate world for over 20 years. With wide-ranging experience working for magazines, international organizations, travel companies, and corporate/foundation clients, her photojournalistic style brings a fresh eye to every assignment.

Ilene’s photos will also be featured on 451 Marketing’s new website launching  in the new year, so stay tuned for more beautiful photagraphy!


We’ll be back in the spring featuring a new artist – until then, enjoy more of Ilene’s work at www.ileneperlman.com/ .

Halley Sheffield

Halley Sheffield is the Director of Marketing at 451 Marketing @halleyalice

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