Our Furry 451-ers!

Here at 451 Marketing, we think two-legged friends are great and all, but we really love our four-legged (and sometimes three-legged) ones! In this fun Friday post, we wanted to share with you some members of our families. Meet our cold-nosed creatures!

: Alex

Human: Glen Hawkins, Creative Director

Gender: Old man

Age: 16



The deets: This handsome fellow was adopted from Angel Memorial MSPCA when he was 8 years old. Glen let us know that Alex is not really a dog. He’s a plush toy. At 12 pounds, curly black hair and gray beard, all he wants to do is sit on (Glen’s wife) Amy’s lap. He won’t chase sticks, he’s fine with cats, doesn’t even bark just wants constant loving. He’s getting blind and deaf so he will lose Amy, even if she hasn’t moved, and will run around the house searching madly for her. What a comedian!


: Mitzi

Human: Susie Anderson, Social Media Marketing Specialist

Gender: She’s a lady

Age: Four



The deets: So don’t hold it against her, but Mitzi is actually Susie’s aunt’s dog. Since her aunt and uncle are frequent travelers, Susie gets to take care of her a lot (lucky her!). They got her from the breeder that they got their two previous dogs from. She’s a cockapoo- cocker spaniel-poodle mix. Susie let us know that Mitzi is obsessed with her bouncy ball and if she’s not carrying it in her mouth, she’s trying to lick your face. She’s also an honorary bridesmaid in Susie’s wedding – cute! Can’t wait to see her dress!



Human: DeAnna Jacobsen, Marketing Coordinator

Gender: Female

Age: Two



The deets: DeAnna purchased Ebby through a breeder in OH and picked her cute face out of a litter of six. There were only two female puppies and Ebby was the runt! DeAnna flew all the way to Columbus to pick her up.

Ebby loves sticks and will run with a stick in her mouth, chew on them, you name it. She also thinks she is a cat and will jump on pretty much anything as well as act like a lazy bear up on the window sill.


Baxter a.k.a. Snackster a.k.a Monster Dog

Human: Halley Sheffield, Marketing Manager

Gender: Little Gentleman

Age: Five in February



The deets: Baxter was adopted by Halley’s boyfriend from the Nelson County SPCA in Lovingston, VA. As many of you may know, Baxter is a tripawd. But he’s not ashamed – heck, he’s proud.  “It’s better to hop on three legs than limp on four.” He’s a southern dog with a laid back attitude. He is also a leaner – if you are standing near him, he will lean all of his body weight on your just to make sure you know he’s there. He’s the most loving dog Halley has ever met and she’s so glad to have him as a roommate!


Dexter “Antonio Banderas” Bond

Human: Elizabeth Bond, Project Manager

Gender: Male


Age: Five


The deets:
Dexter was abused the first two years of his life before he was dropped off anonymously at the Watauga Humane Society in Boone, North Carolina. At the time, Elizabeth was searching for a dog and making weekly trips to the humane society to dog walk and look around. On her fourth visit, she noticed this tiny little rat terrier in a big kennel all by himself.  After talking with the workers, she found out his story and that he had been dropped off three weeks ago and now had kennel cough. They needed someone to foster him until he got better. She ventured into the kennel to pet him and when she did, he crawled into Elizabeth’s lap and looked at her like “Okay, let’s go home now.” After two weeks, Elizabeth went back and paid for him and it’s been a match made in heaven ever since. Dexter currently lives with Elizabeth’s parents in Dunn, North Carolina but hopes to make his way to Massachusetts soon. We hope so too!

Elizabeth and her family call him Antonio Banderas because he’s the puppy of love. The name Dexter comes from those insane ears (Pointy > Poindexter > Dexter). He loves to go on walks and eat doggie biscuits. If you’re not careful, Dexter will steal the socks right off your feet for his own game of tug o’ war. He smiles (pictured on the left) when he’s excited to see you, but when he raises his lips it makes him sneeze so it’s always a funny greeting of smile, sneeze, smile, sneeze. So cute!


Baron Orleans

Human: Emily Rucker, Search Engine Marketing Manager

Gender: Male

Age: 12.5


The deets:
Emily adopted this lil guy and his brother, Hawthorne Monroe (who has since passed away) after their owner passed away four and a half years ago. Emily let us know that Baron Orleans loves human hair and plastic bags and that he loves to be brushed and cuddled (who doesn’t?). Emily said that he’s a “lady-boy – he’s a lover, not a fighter!”


Doyle Amadeus

Human: Emily Rucker, Search Engine Marketing Manager

Gender: Male

Age: Nine


The deets:
Emily snatched this adorable kitty up when his previous owner had a baby. Doyle loves catnip and drinking from the sink. Even though he’s skiddish, he’s a tough cookie.



Name: Simba

Human: Nikhil Inamdar, Search Engine Marketing Specialist

Gender: Female

Age: 1.5


The deets: Nikhil purchased Simba from a breeder, and she loves watching soccer with Nikhil on the weekends! As soon as Nikhil switches on the game, she jumps near the TV and chases the ball on the screen. (Pictured on the right)



Tess a.k.a. Tessy a.k.a. Tessy Lou Who

Human: Karyn Martin, Public Relations Senior Account Director

Gender: Female

Age: Seven


The deets:
Karyn got Tess from her husband’s aunt who was breeding her black Lab at the time. She still has Tess’ mom and her sister, Puddin’!

Karyn told us that in her next life, she’d like to come back as Tess and have an owner just like Karyn. She lives a life of “doggie luxury!” When she’s not swimming in the lake at her seasonal home in New Hampshire, she can be found with her “doggie au pair” romping through the trails outside of Boston with her doggie pals. Or, if she’s visiting Karyn at work, then she’s likely chilling out with her city friends at The Dogfather. Her hardest job is looking seasonally appropriate- updating her collar and scarf to match holidays, sports teams, mom’s outfit, etc. (We hear ya, sister). And despite her hippo-like appetite she maintains her “swim-suit figure all year round” (according to her vet). Must be nice!


Name: Sasha a.k.a. Sausage a.k.a. Face

Human: Laura Christo, Public Relations Account Executive

Gender: Female

Age: Four

The deets
: Laura adopted Sasha in October 2010 from Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA. She abused for the first few years of her life and was found by the Humane Society in Georgia on the side of the road with a littler of 12 sick puppies. She was then nursed back to health and shipped up to Salem where she found a family with Laura and her boyfriend. After more than a year of love and patience, she is finally trusting again and is very happy in her home in South Boston.

Sasha loves hiking, belly rubs and going for rides in the car. If she were to win a superlative in high school, it would be “Best Kisser” – she can’t hold her licker! 🙂


Name: Callie Whiskers DuBois

Human: Alice DuBois,

Gender: Catwoman

Age 18 (no, that is not a typo – she is really that old!)


The deets:
Adopted from Lollypop Farm in Rochester, NY.  Alice’s family headed to the animal shelter on the day they adopted Callie with the intention of “just looking” and staunchly opposed to getting a cat. But, the minute they walked in Callie locked her eyes on them from her cage and the rest is history! To this day they say that “Callie chose us” instead of them choosing Callie.



Do you have a four(or three)-legged friend who makes your life complete?  Send us a twitpic to @451heat!

Laura Lynn

Laura Lynn is a Public Relations Assistant Account Director at 451 Marketing.

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