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Pinterest is the hot new social media platform that is everyone’s new guilty pleasure! To be honest, I just discovered it about three weeks ago and it has already become part of my daily online routine.  If you’re not a Pinterest addict like me, you may be asking, “What is Pinterest?! What the heck is a pin?”  Below is my Pinterest “How-To” – enjoy!

What is Pinterest:

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the awesome things you find on the internet. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, create a dream wardrobe and organize their favorite recipes! In order to get started you must request an invite.

So here’s how it works – Users collect and ‘pin’ images that they find online. Once the image is on a user’s boards others can see it, ‘Like’ it, and comment on it. The people in your network can also ‘re-pin’ an image that you’ve pinned to their boards. You can create different boards for different topics such as a Wedding board, a Style board, a Recipe board, a Quote board or whatever you want! Here are some examples of popular boards:

Home Décor– a popular board for people to post pictures of new ideas for your home. People post furniture, window treatments, color schemes, accessories and more!


Food & Drinka popular board people use to post delicious recipes, restaurants and cooking tips for you to try out!



Style– a popular board for people to post the latest fashion trends, hair styles, tips and anything stylish!



Now that you know a little bit about Pinterest, here’s how to get started. When you first creating your account, you want to start following people. Click your name at the top, a drop down menu will appear and you can click on “find friends” to see which of your friends are on Pinterest. The more people you follow the more Pins you see on the main page. You can also follow “boards.” This means you aren’t following a person, just their pins on a specific board will show up in your stream, but pins from their other boards will not show up.



After you start following your friends and different boards you can create your own boards which allows you to categorize your pins. Go to the top right corner near your name and click “Add +” to add a pin or create a board.



When you find something you like and want to “Re-Pin”, “Like” or Comment, hover your mouse over the image and “Re-Pin, Like and Comment” will appear. Click whatever you want to do and re-pin, like and comment away!



Even though Pinterest may seem like a personal social media site, it is actually a great way for companies to promote their products and services. Companies can join as their company name, create boards and pins for their different products and services. Companies can encourage their Facebook friends and Twitter followers to follow them on Pinterest and start pinning their favorite things about their company. Eventually companies can even run promotions on Pinterest, such as voting for your favorite pin or new product! For example, see Layla Grace’s recent Pinterest competition:


Hopefully this has helped answer some of your questions and by now you have now created your own Pinterest account! Welcome to the Pinterest phenomenon! Tweet us @451Heat to share your thoughts! And keep an eye out for future posts on Pinterest by @451Heat with more how-to’s and best practices.

-Melissa Garabedian, 451 Marketing PR Intern


Melissa is a senior at Merrimack College majoring in Business Marketing


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