Pinterest Week at 451 Marketing

Our friends are obsessed.  Our co-workers can’t stop. And, our clients have a million questions. Pinterest is definitely THE social platform of 2012 and we couldn’t hold back our love any longer – this week is officially Pinterest week at 451 Marketing.


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To kick things off, we’re debuting our 451 Marketing Pinterest boards.  Our boards are a mix of our brand, industry information, and our company culture – a place for us to share things with one another. They’re pretty straight forward, but here’s the rundown.

451Heat: Things that are hot – take that however you like. Everything from hot peppers to the hot announcement that 451 Marketing was named a Boston Business Journal Pacesetter for the second consecutive year.  This board honors our company’s namesake (Farenheit 451) and it will be a lot of fun to see what people pin.

451 Labs: This is a space for the geek in us all to come out and play.  Infographics, eBooks, statistics that relate to social media, search marketing, and public relations.

451 Eats: This board was a no-brainer.  We are an office of foodies and represent roughly 50 restaurants in the Boston area. In a word, we love food. We’re obsessed with it and like to look at pictures of it.

451 Inspired: This board is reserved for ideas and images that inspire us in our daily work (and life).  Inspirational phrases and images will fill this board.

Boston: Again, a no-brainer.  451 Marketing is based in one of the most unique and beautiful cities in the country – this is a board that pays homage to Beantown.

Furry 451ers: As a pet-loving and pet-friendly office, we couldn’t leave out our four (and three!) legged companions!

451 Book Club: Books we are reading, have read, want to read – including selections from the 451 Marketing Ladies’ Bookclub (aka #451LBC).

451 Hot Sauce: We can’t think of any other companies who have a bottle of hot sauce as their mascot, and we embrace it.  This board will feature images of the our hot sauce out and about – visiting clients, on road trips, at the food trucks.

Check out our boards today and stay tuned for a week filled with Pinterest insights, opinions, and favorites and let us know what you think about this hot tool!

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