Pinning Boston: Our Top Boston-based Brands on Pinterest


As a leader in new media and technology, it’s no surprise that tons of Boston brands have embraced Pinterest as an interactive and visual way to engage with fans online. We jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon on Monday, releasing 451 Marketing brand boards.  Now, we’re sharing our favorite Boston brands on Pinterest.  Some use them for fun, others use them as a hub for online transactions. All of them are innovative and visually pleasing – enjoy!



Keurig speaks to the coffee fan, posting everything from coffee-related infographics, fun mugs, and inspirational coffee quotes. They even dip their feet into the hot cocoa game a little bit. This is one brand Pinterest account you’ll be happy to check out first thing in the A.M.




With so many cupcake shops in Boston these days, it’s a necessity to set yourself apart. Cakeology does that by keeping up a wonderful Pinterest account filled with boards about desserts, weddings, afternoon tea and more. Instead of simply promoting themselves, Cakeology works to build boards around a total cupcake lifestyle.



America’s Test Kitchen:

While right now, America’s Test Kitchen is purely self-promoting on Twitter, they do have enough publications and materials to make it work. I do hope they’ll start pinning material from other sites, including images of their favorite cooking tools, innovative recipes, and the things that inspire them.



Constant Contact

Currently standing at 18 active boards (with 22 localized boards awaiting pins), Constant Contact focuses heavily on all things social media and marketing. They also take images featuring social media marketing tips from their blog, allowing you to get value from your daily (hourly?) Pinterest visits.



Museum of Fine Arts:

With plenty of content and imagery to share, the Museum of Fine Arts has boards focused on “delicious” art, jewelry, art icons, and more. In addition, they have a board devoted to their new exhibits. Will the MFA pave the way for other museums to join Twitter?



Dana Markos Events:

Event planners have plenty of content to share on Pinterest; and this content could actually help them score gigs. Dana Markos Events uses Pinterest to show off their party style and will likely attract potential customers looking to plan an event.




Gemvara features lots of their jewelry on their Pinterest account, but they also build total lifestyle boards around specific gems. For instance, they have an emerald board, a citrine board, an amethyst board, and more.



Boston College:

You may wonder what a college could possibly do on Pinterest. The answer? A lot! Boston College has boards featuring their history, recipes from their students and alum, and all of their sports Superfans. They even devote a board to weddings and engagement photos taken on the BC campus. Will Pinterest help them with enrollment? There’s definitely a chance. When you see the stunning images of the campus, you’ll see why.



PerkStreet Financial:

Finances on Pinterest? Sounds like a snooze-fest, but PerkStreet makes it fun! Their various boards offer tips on living frugally for families, foodies, DIYers, and anyone looking to give a good, but low-cost gift.



Boston Celtics:

The Boston Celtics always seem to be the first jumping aboard new social media opportunities. And they do a ridiculously good job at keeping it up. They cover everything from Celtics memorabilia to jewelry to photos of the players and dancers on their Pinterest boards.





Who has your favorite Hub-based Pinterest board?  Let us know – tweet us at @451Heat!

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