5 Tips to Write Better Google PPC Ad Copy


What isn’t online anymore? Our relationships, social networks, finances and shopping experiences have already migrated online. Millions of people log on the Internet everyday—multiple times a day. It’s no surprise that advertisers want to grab a piece of market share through the Internet. They just need to hold enough attention from Internet users to get them clicking.

What better platform to display their advertisements than on Google? Advertisers and marketers can surely take advantage of Google tools to develop their search engine marketing campaigns, place their advertisements, and track results.

Pay-per-click or PPC ads can be seen on the top and on the right hand side of a search engine result page. Ad copy is important in a PPC campaign, since the content is textual. As the name suggests, advertisers are charged some amount when users click on the displayed ads. To become successful, there are few tips to follow in writing Google ad copy.


1)   Follow Google’s ad copy rules.

The ad copy consists of 4 lines:

– A headline (ad title) limited to 25 characters including spaces

– 2 lines of description (more information, call-to-action words), each limited to 35 characters

– Display URL – the “pretty URL” (hyperlinked to the destination URL).

2)   Get to the point

With a character limit, tailor your language to attract a potential online customer. Include at least one of your keywords in your ad copy. Highlight prices, special offers, promotions and other details that customers may be looking for from their query.

3)   Include call-to-action phrases in the description lines

This will communicate a short and sweet sales pitch to customers. Sample phrases: contact, sign up, buy now, or order today.

4)   Match Ad Copy to Landing Page

Check if the webpage content matches what the ad describes and promises.

5)   Write several versions/copies of the ad copy

Draft several versions of the ad concept, review the performance (# of clicks, sales) after few weeks, and revise them if needed.


Learn With Google tutorials to online advertising:




Written by 451 Marketing search marketing intern Yao Wen.  Yao is a senior at Simmons College majoring in Communications.

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