Takeaways: Grow, Engage, and Convert Your Facebook Fans

From left to right: Seth Lieberman, Rob Shavell, Gerry Praysman, Melissa Lacitignola , and Francis Skipper at last Thursday's panel


Last week, 451 Marketing co-hosted a thought leadership panel with our friends from SnapApp. The focus of the panel was Facebook – how to engage fans, increase likes, and opportunities/challenges with the new Timeline format for brands.  In case you missed it, we’ve put together a few takeaways from the event.



Likes Aren’t the Goal

The obsession that brands have with the number of ‘likes’ their page has should be reevaluated. Sure, it’s great to have a lot of fans – but if it’s just a number and not a truly engaged audience. Quality over quantity was stressed.

We’re Not the Only Ones Obsessed with Images

We’ve known for a while that images drive the most engagement of any content on Facebook. Now that new tools like Pinterest and Instagram are on the scene, brands have an opportunity to increase engagement with their users using these innovative platforms. Integrating these types of content into your Facebook communications are key to keeping your audience engaged.

Timeline and Engagement

The panel agreed – there are pluses and minuses to Timeline. New elements are front and center. Think about tabs, which used to be buried.  Now, they can be prominently featured on a page to drive engagement.  At the same time, Timeline seems to lend itself to better, more content-driven posts. Again, it’s all about posting the best content – making sure it is engaging and something of interest to your core audience.

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Halley Sheffield

Halley Sheffield is the Director of Marketing at 451 Marketing @halleyalice

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