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Top Story: Negate Facebook EdgeRank with Promoted Posts


Ever wonder why you have 5,000 fans but Facebook Insights tells you your posts only reach 750 people? That is because of Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm, which determines who sees your brands posts. The average reach for a post is around 15% – but brands that post infrequently or off-topic can often be even lower. As a marketer this can be frustrating because fans who liked your page because they wanted to see updates and information are not being shown your messages.


There are plenty of best practices that can be used to help improve EdgeRank – but none will ever let you reach as large of a percentage as most would like. Facebook has recently rolled out a new Facebook Page feature called Promoted Posts to help marketers reach that group of people that EdgeRank has stopped showing posts to.


When purchased, the promoted post will significantly increase the reach of whatever type of post was made (text, photo, video, etc). Facebook estimates out the number of people that will be reached so you know what you are paying for beforehand.


The price to promote a post can range from $5 to $500 depending on the size of your target audience. The posts will show up as a sponsored story right in user’s feeds – not on the side bar like Sponsored Story ads.


Promoted Posts will be useful to pages that are looking more to leverage their existing fans instead of build a new audience. Use this model when announcing a new product, launching a promotion, or have news that you want existing fans to know.

Here is how to set up a Promoted Post: Step-By-Step Guide.



Under the Radar: Google+ Local Replaces Google Places and Teams Up with Zagat

Google would be pretty disappointed in us for putting this story in “Under the Radar.” But let’s be honest, lots of people still aren’t paying attention to Google+. And unless your listing in Google Places requires daily management, this may be a switch you haven’t heard about yet. But this move could potentially be a pretty big deal for Google+, especially since it involves teaming up with popular restaurant rating company Zagat and calling itself Google+ Local.

We all know that Google is good at what they do, but after having some trouble competing with Facebook with their Google+, are they now trying to intrude on Yelp’s territory? The new Google+ Local will help people find restaurants using Zagat listings (Google acquired Zagat back in September). They’re also hoping that users will add their own restaurant reviews to the site, which will allow people to see what friends in their circles are recommending in the area. It all sounds like a good idea, but we’re a little skeptical that it will take off. If anything, it’s going to be a long, slow climb.

Of course, there’s a lot of dispute over Yelp’s business practices and whether or not reviews on their site are entirely representative of the restaurants. So, perhaps Google is counting on the notion that foodies will head to Google+ Local to write reviews instead. Zagat is a very well-respected publication, but will having the “common folk” leave reviews make it less trusted? Furthermore, as a food blogger, I’ve previously been contacted by Google+ reps, offering a meal in exchange for encouraging my readers to leave Google Places reviews. I get that they need a push to get this initiative started, t also makes me wonder if they’re worried reviews on Google+ Local will be lacking.

Overall, we think it was a smart move for Google+ to team up with Zagat for their previously named Google Places. But is it really going to be the push Google+ needs to make it in the big-time? We want to see them do something totally unique and out-of-the-box with Google+ Places. Like Google is known for doing.


Around the Hub: Boston Celtics & Social Media

We’ve admired the social media strategy and engagement of the Boston Celtics for a long time. And it’s not just because we can see their home, the TD Garden, from our backyard (we’re 1.5 blocks from Rondo and The Truth’s main stage). Or that they’re 17-Time World Champions (although that definitely doesn’t hurt).

The Celtics know what they’re doing when it comes to new media. They have an avid Facebook following (>6.5 million “likes”) and excited fans in the Twittersphere (>545k followers).

They joined Pinterest (>2,300 followers) early and use it for contests and as a shopping and sharing tool for fans.

Their Instagr.am (>184k followers) presence is a force to be dealt with in Boston and often photos trend nationwide.

And what’s the most impressive about all of these social efforts is how they seamlessly cross-promote across all channels, giving users a unified experience that is unmatched in the sporting world.

Now that the playoffs are in full-swing, the team is using social promotions to excite fans and entice the to share online.  Their “#IAMNOTSOUTHBEACH” (a nod to their Floridian playoff rivals who shall not be named) went viral among fans who posted photos to show their allegiance to the Celts.

Not only are we proud of our team, we’re proud of the social media strategy. They are a case study for any brand on engagement and best practices. #IAMNOTSOUTHBEACH #IAMACELTIC


Tool of the Week: Get Giddy for Viddy 


We’ve all been through the Instagram obsession – browsing tons of submitted photos and showcasing our meals and pets on the fun app. Well now there is Instagram for video! Reigning at the number 1 spot in the iTunes Store, Viddy is a simple way for anyone to capture, beautify, and share amazing videos with the world.


  • User-friendly app
  • 17 video effects
  • 18 music tracks
  • Easy to share through email, text, and social media


  • iPhone only app – sorry Android atmosphere (should be coming soon, though!)
  • 15 second snippets
  • Viddy feed is smothered with celebrities and brands opposed to friends that you follow

Uploading video to YouTube and Facebook from your phone can be a hectic process. Viddy makes this a simple, easy, and fun thing to do. This video app allows you to capture video clips, add special effects (just like instagram!) and easily share them with your social networks.


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