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Make the Most out of your summer with Social Media

Finally, summer is here and we all have something to be excited about. Whether we attend picnics, enjoy grilling, love relaxing at the beach or like taking a refreshing dip in our local lake, summer is here and its time to enjoy everything June-August has in store for us!  Honestly, what could be better than spending the summer on the beautiful Atlantic coast? The answer, nothing!  But, the real question is, how can we make the most out of this summer and make it one we will always remember? Why not make use of all the awesome, exciting, innovative and most importantly, FREE social media platforms? But, where should we start? And, which platforms are best to use to finally have and remember our best summer ever?

Instagram: Now that Instagram has integrated with Facebook, it is easier than ever before for smartphone users to quickly take photos and upload them in minutes.  Not only can you share your summer moments instantly with friends on Facebook, but the best part is that your photos look professional! Use Instagram throughout the summer and customize your favorite moments: beach days, picnics, nights out, and categorize all of your memories from the summer of 2012.

Pinterest: If you don’t already have a Pinterest account, you are missing out. It is easy to start and once you get going, becomes addicting! Make different boards of summer content; from summer drinks, places for the perfect picnic, grilling techniques, salad recipes and the best east-coast beaches. With Pinterest you can make your summer last forever and share it with others with similar tastes. Even better, you can look to others on Pinterest for inspiration on how to enjoy the hot summer months or to learn that new Sangria recipe.

Spotify: What would a summer be without music? If you have an iPhone, you can even download this for free! Spotify helps you make the most out of your summer by listening to your favorite tunes, anytime, anywhere! This app is awesome because not only can you use it for parties at your friend’s place, but you can take this with you to the beach, on road trips, or wherever the summer months may take you.


Tumblr: Creating a blog is a great way to share your summer memories and to have an online scrapbook titled “Summer 2012”. Tumblr is a great outlet for those who are new to blogging or for those of you that want to share more than just summer stories. This social platform allows you to customize your summer through sharing pictures, videos, music, stories, pretty much anything that you want to remember and share with friends and family. Plus, you can even update it through your iPhone!

Meetup: Want to step out of your comfort zone this summer and do something to better yourself and help out others in the process? Then check out this site where you can organize, search and join local groups in order to make a difference in someone’s life this summer!

 Written by 451 intern, Sarah Meandro, a graduate student at Roosevelt University ’12 majoring in integrated marketing communications.

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