First TwitPic from Mars, LinkedIn > FB, ESPN Radio in Boston, & Nina vs. Siri


Top Story: First TwitPic from Mars

While tweeting from space isn’t a new idea (tweets from the Space Station and crews in orbit are not unheard of), the first tweet from the surface of another planet sounds like something from a SciFi novel. Not anymore.  On early this morning, the NASA Mars Rover Curiosity, landed on the fourth planet from the Sun and sent out a picture via Twitter (@MarsCuriosity) of its highly-anticipated and historic landing.

Just to put it in to perspective, the image was sent from 150 million miles from earth. The Curiosity itself is a scientific marvel – a “ full-fledged geochemistry lab, on wheels, able to vaporize rocks, “taste” air samples and ingest dirt, then send the results of experiments home from 154 million miles away” according the LA Times.

Lucky for us, the twittersphere can expect to see lots of updates from the rover as it begins to explore the planet. With the eyes of the world eagerly awaiting new, exciting images, the Curiosity tweeted earlier this morning “FYI, I aim to send bigger, color pictures from Mars later this week once I’ve got my head up & Mastcam active #MSL.”


Under the Radar: Wall Street Names LinkedIn Social King… not Facebook

Though LinkedIn (LNKD) may not be in your face 24/7 like some social media hogs (no names mentioned), it turns out that the networking platform remains the leader in stock hikes.  Currently, LinkedIn is trading at twice its IPO price; whereas Facebook is trading at 52% of its IPO price.

Though Facebook lends more social fun, Wall Street is concerned with making money… and well, we all witnessed the dramatic unveiling of the Facebook IPO AND the downward plummet. Media outlets found more value in LinkedIn than their social competitor, Facebook as LinkedIn’s professional customer base is more consistent and valuable to advertisers.

Here are what a few analysts have to say:

Needham — Hold – “LNKD: Appears Unstoppable with Another 2Q12 Beat and Raise … We remain positive on LinkedIn’s business and believe few, if any challengers could compete effectively … While we remain on the sidelines as a result of valuation, the acceleration across segments justifies the premium valuation, in our opinion.”

Susquehanna SIG — Positive, $140 — “Despite the fear of Internet companies reporting lower than expected top line results ranging from e-commerce to online media companies, LinkedIn bucks the trend with impressive 2Q results.”

J.P. Morgan — Overweight, $135 — “Overall, we continue to believe LinkedIn is operating extremely well and has significant room for growth … LinkedIn continues to stand out from the broader group of recently public Internet companies—we would expect shares to respond favorably in the near-term and for LinkedIn to maintain its large premium multiple.”

It’s hard to believe that LinkedIn, a social hub 3 times smaller than Facebook, not to mention far less engaging, could outrank the social giant in terms of dollar signs. What gives?

  1. Professional vs. Social
  2. Recency
  3. Authenticity
  4. Standardization
  5. Enterprise Spend vs. Consumer Spend

So if you are buying social stocks, don’t let the numbers fool you…. Facebook may be much larger, more engaging, and most popular, but those numbers are much different than the numbers Wall Street pays attention to which happen to begin with this little symbol – $.


Around the Hub: ESPN Radio Back in Boston

If you love ESPN radio then save 850AM into your programmed stations! ESPN is making its way back the Boston airwaves making it the third local sports radio station. ESPN Radio is returning to the Boston market on the 850AM signal no later than early fall.

The new radio station will be centered on national programming including popular “Mike & Mike in the Morning” program featuring Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic as well as the afternoon “Scott Van Pelt Show.”

Stay tuned for more great additions to the latest Boston sports radio station.


Tool of the Week: Nina vs. Siri – Nuance steps up to battle on iOS

With the introduction of Siri into the iPhone 4s the importance of strong voice recognition software in mobile devices jumped significantly. Since Nuance Communications has long been a leader in the space with Dragon Dictation, it made sense for them to create a competitor for Siri; in this case her name is Nina.

Much like Siri, Nina is made to recognize commands and perform tasks on iOS and Android. The major difference in their capabilities though, is that any third party app can employ Nina. The example the demo video uses is with banking, and Nina can do some impressive organizational tasks when put to proper use within an app.

Another interesting new upgrade from Siri will be the ability for Nina to use vocal biometrics to recognize a user’s voice and potentially use this as a password.

One big question is how Apple will react to another company pushing into their devices; will they push developers not to integrate Nina, or possibly block the app all together? Watch the video and see what kind of potential Nina may hold for the future of voice recognition.



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