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Top Story: Instagram Finally Announces a User-Functional Web Presence

One of the biggest complaints of Instagram users has been the lack of Web presence from the photo-sharing app. While the mobile experience has always been one of the most intuitive and beautiful, there was a lack of any Web presence until fairly recently – when Instagram allowed for individuals to like and comment on photos on individual pages for each image. This did not allow for viewing users image galleries or any other actions. This is what the newest update will fix.

Instagram announced that this week they will be rolling out their Web edition of Instagram, complete with cover photo and profile photo that looks exactly like Facebook’s.

It is surprising that this took as long as it did, mainly because this is a huge amount of shareable and quality content that was unable to be distributed to anyone not on Instagram (still only iOS and Android), which leaves out a huge amount of the population. Allowing Web profiles will allow more people to view the millions of photos, as well as more easily share to other networks, extending Instagram’s overall reach.

Although this was a necessary step forward for Instagram, it still does not take it as far as it should have. The Web will not allow people to see who other users are following and who is following them, which limits the ability to explore and find others to follow.











Under the Radar: Foursquare Adds User-Generated Ratings














How often do you use your phone’s Yelp app to find the best restaurants in your area or to figure out where to get a last-minute haircut? Well, it sounds like Foursquare is interested in competing with that and they’re urging you to open their app instead. Yesterday, they came out with an update that now includes user-generated ratings with locations. Kind of like Yelp, but in a way they think is much smarter. In fact, they claim they’re offering ratings in a way that’s “a lot different from the other types of ratings you see today.”

When you check out a spot with Foursquare’s “Explore” function, you’ll now see a rating between 1 and 10. But instead of having of allowing users to go in and give locations their own number ranking, these ratings are generated by Foursquare pulling actual data, including a location’s tips, likes, dislikes, popularity, loyalty, local expertise, and check-ins (according to them, from over 25 million people worldwide!). So, the overall score changes as people continue to check in, like, add tips, and more.  Unlike on Yelp where the overall score could change because someone couldn’t get a reservation when they wanted at a restaurant so they logged on to Yelp to complain and give it one star.

This does seem like a much smarter, more accurate way of generating scores. Of course, the ratings should still be taken with a grain of salt as we’re sure there are some hidden gems not getting the Foursquare check-in love they need. But perhaps this will encourage users to hit the heart on Foursquare locations they love and to be certain to check in whenever they head to the spot.

I’ve been using Foursquare as a means of discovering what spots are near me for some time now and their new ratings system will encourage me to continue to do so. Will you consider replacing Yelp with Foursquare on your smartphone?


Tool of The Week: PageLever Now

PageLever is an SEO solution that focuses on the Facebook news feed. According to it’s website, 95% of activity on Facebook happens in the news feed. This is the place where advertisers should be focusing their efforts, and PageLever helps to make that easier.

PageLever Now allows you to view your impressions in real time, as opposed to Facebook Insights which takes 48 hours for you to see your impact. Since the news feed is constantly moving, timing is everything. If one of your posts is getting a lot of attention, you can see it right away – allowing for the opportunity to purchase a Promoted Post to maximize its impact.














Monitoring Facebook Pages is made easier PageLever Now, too. The most recently active posts automatically float to the top, and specific posts glow if there are comments you haven’t seen yet. PageLever also lets you know if theres activity on another Page – you’ll see the Page’s name up at the top of the sidebar.










PageLever also allows you to schedule posts, much like in Hootsuite, and search for fan-generated content to better engage with your audience.

The 451 Marketing team uses this tool in-house with clients – and it’s definitely one to be looking out for as it continues to grow.


Around The Hub: Hailo Providing Free Cab Rides to Your Voting Location in Boston on Election Day









Say goodbye to your favorite presidential commercials and hello to Election Day! Today marks an important day for Americans and what better way to celebrate than a free cab ride to your voting destination. Introducing Hailo: the newest taxi-hailing phone app.  Founded in 2011 by three London taxi drivers and three internet entrepreneurs, the two tap app is both beneficial for cap hopefuls and taxi drivers.  Not only does the app provide customers with the driver’s name and photo, but a traffic update as well. This app is also ideal for taxi drivers because it keeps them safe of fare skipping since the payment is pre-authorized.

In honor of Election Day, Hailo is offering $20.12 off per customer on taxi fares to polling places in Boston, today, November 6. Simply download the smartphone app, enter the promo code “VOTEHAILO,” and the discount will automatically apply. Credit card information is stored with a secure payment option and once registered it only takes two taps to start your taxi reservation.  Hailo works with Boston licensed taxi drivers and approves each driver individually.

In order to utilize your free cab ride today you must first know your voting location. If you’re unsure or just want to confirm your polling location, enter your address here for your election information. Poll hours are from 7am to 8pm. Save your arms the flailing and book your free cab now!

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