Internships Even More Important in 2013 [Infographic]


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In an effort to break into a career in today’s job market, students and recent college grads are looking to take on any job to gain access and experience to get started. It is that proverbial ‘foot in the door’ that is sought after by students as a chance to show employers through action, what they can bring to their business.


The intern website recently published an infographic outlining the importance of internships and how popular they have become both with those seeking employment and those employing.

The website reports that 53% of companies plan to hire more interns in 2013 than 2012 and 83% would also consider applications from recent college grads. As jobs out of college become increasingly competitive, there is no greater opportunity for a recent graduate than an internship. The opportunity to apply your skills in a real-world work environment can not only give you the platform to display your strengths as an employee, but can also help to build confidence as you learn new things and work with colleagues, three skills that 86% of interns say contributed to their positive interning experience.

451 Marketing’s internship program offers interns the opportunity to work on any of its four departments; public relations, social media, search marketing and creative services, all while understanding how the departments can be interwoven with some brands. As interns are able to provide a supporting role to the team, they are able to gain experience learning the fundamentals of marketing and the many tasks that are involved with making a successful client campaign.

While internships are hardly lucrative, as 66% were unpaid in 2012, compensation is the least important factor as 72% of interns feel this is the least important criteria when searching for an internship. The exposure to a real work environment and your own personal gain, rather than financial, is the ultimate goal.

To be a successful intern, no job is too big or too small. With 69% of large companies saying they make full-time job offers to interns, it is up to you to make the most of it. The ‘roll-up your sleeves’ attitude, adaptability to new situations and skills, and work ethic are going to be crucial in showing your employer how potentially valuable you can be. In a creative company like 451 Marketing, the assignments for interns provide the opportunity to do just this. On the PR team specifically, each task has a reason. Thinking outside the box and understanding the place your job holds in a client’s success can empower you and your creativity to work hard and find solutions and purpose with each task.

As states in its article, the internship is the new interview. Employers are looking to hire dedicated and high quality employees to represent their business and their brand, so what better way to test a person’s ability then to put them to work in the environment for which they are applying? While all internships may not lead to the career of your dreams for one reason or another, the experience you’ve gained, the professional connections you’ve made, and the skills you’ve learned make interning today’s key to success.

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Written by Katie Misata, intern for the consumer PR team.

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