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Here’s an inside look into the individuals who fuel 451 Marketing’s award-winning integrated communications strategies. This week, we give you our Paid Search Marketing Manager Joe Davis. At 451 Marketing Joe oversees the strategy development and execution of all paid search accounts at 451 Marketing and delivers results, insights, and analysis to the firm’s B2B and consumer clients.


You studied meteorology for both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees. What led you to switch over to marketing?

I started my own publishing business in 2004 and learned quickly that marketing is as important as selling a quality product. No one will buy from you if they don’t know you exist, and paid search marketing was the only channel I could afford to get into. After dabbling in that for a while I found myself really enjoy doing that over running a small business.


How do you think paid search has effected how businesses operate?

It’s given companies a way to measure performance a lot more effectively instead of hoping that their ads are generating revenue and it’s allowed them to become a lot more targeted to the right prospects.


What has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learned in your career?

Being as good as possible while doing as much possible are often conflicting goals, and the business world is too competitive to wait for both, so learning how to prioritize in any job is very important.


What have you found to be the biggest challenge in paid search?

Most people who advertise online don’t understand how it works. Even those with a lot of marketing knowledge are typically more familiar with offline marketing methods, so getting clients to see the value you are providing sometimes gets lost which can negatively impact their perception of paid search marketing.


What advice would you give to people interested in having a career in search marketing?

It’s a very competitive industry that requires analytical thinking, a certain level of creativity, and is different than most other forms of marketing. It’s not for most people, so find out if it’s for you before jumping in and finding yourself overwhelmed with everything necessary to do this successfully.

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