Movin’ On Up

The boxes have been unpacked, new phone systems hooked up, kitchens stocked, and cubicles and offices decorated. We’ve finally moved into our new office space!

PR side
Wide open space!
First day in!
First day in.

For months now we have been over capacity in our Boston headquarters. So, to accommodate our rapidly expanding team and growing list of clients, we packed up our things and moved on up to the fourth floor of 100 North Washington Street.

With more than twice the amount of space we’re invigorated and eager to take on the next big thing.

Another part of the office
other sid
Settling in.

These are just a few highlights of our new digs:

  • Idea Paint Wall

idea paint wall

No longer will we be scolded by our mothers for drawing on the walls. Not only is it accepted, but now encouraged for us to take to the walls with our idea flow. From the bottom to the top, left to right, this blank slate just begs for brainstorming.

  • Our new meeting spaces: Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin


That’s right – we’ve upgraded out conference spaces and branded them as a nod to our namesake. No matter which you use, one thing remains undeniable: we’re on fire!

  • Windows!

windows of exec lounge

Who knows what spark of inspiration we’ll now encounter as our gazes wander. Our new office From white walls in our previous office to crystal clear windows in our new office, we’ll revel in the spontaneity of the city of Boston throughout our workday.

  • Cake
Going… going…

What could make the first day in a new office even more exhilarating? Knowing we can have our cake and eat it too. With this perfectly on-brand work of culinary art gorgeously crafted by our very own social media strategist Amanda Cuoco, Red Velvet Mondays may have just become our newest office tradition.


Want a quick tour? Check out our Insta-Vid:

Having just moved in on Monday, you would think that we’re good to go for a while but we’re never ones to stay put for long. Having already filled more space than we’d imagined, we’ll continue to feed that spark that makes us who we are: the hottest agency in Boston. Get ready – we’re bringing the heat.

Pampan Zhang

Pampan Zhang is a Marketing Coordinator at 451 Marketing. Follow her on Twitter @PampanAllday!

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