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Top Story: “Jobs” Opens in Theaters


“Jobs”, the biographical film on Apple founder Steve Jobs, opens today in theaters across the country. Nearly two years after his death, Steve Jobs’ incredible story as a revolutionary entrepreneur and tech messiah comes to the big screen.

However incredible Jobs’ story may be, the film is not without its critics. One critic claims that a better title for the film would have been “The History of Apple Computers”, arguing that first-time screenwriter Matt Whitely focuses more on corporate events than the characters. Other critics are disappointed with Ashton Kutcher’s performance as Steve Jobs, saying that although he has the look down, he fails to “light the spark on fire”.


On the other hand, “Jobs” fans had different responses to the movie. They credit Kutcher with accurately portraying Jobs as a world-class communicator and innovator with peculiar mannerisms and fiery passion. The film’s make-up artist, Louis Lazzara, succeeded at making Kutcher’s face resemble Jobs’ to a tee. Lazzara spent weeks researching Jobs’ face through Google images. He scrutinized the little things that make a person’s face unique, particularly facial feature shapes, hair color, and teeth. Almost every character in the film had extensive make-up treatment due to the fact that the movie had a long production timeline, which makes “Jobs” a physically realistic biopic film.

“Jobs” debuts at a critical point in time for Apple. The company that Jobs manifested in the garage of his parents’ Santa Clara, CA home, and grew into the world’s most profitable tech company, is said to be at a crossroads. Apple fans, users and foes wonder if the company will survive without Steve Jobs, especially given that when Jobs had been fired by former CEO John Sulley, the company fell into a funk that was only fixed upon Jobs’ return.

Will Apple remain at the top of the digital world, or will Microsoft and new pacesetters take its place? Perhaps “Jobs” can shed light on Apple’s future in addition to its past.


Under the Radar: IBM’s New Era of Cognitive Computing

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From the dawn of the computer age, the biggest fear was that one day computers might overtake the human race. The subject of sci-fi fantasy books and films galore, the concept of a supercomputer may not be that far away. IBM researchers are working on a new generation of cognitive computers operated by a breakthrough software system modeled after the human brain.

“Inspired by the function, low power, and compact volume of the brain,” IBM said, this sounds eerily like the makings of a breed of computers that mimic human thought and behavior perhaps a little too closely. The idea behind modeling a chip system after the human brain is to turn modern computing systems on its head. Rather than focusing on the production of “Big Data” and number crunching, this new system aims to focus on the ability to recognize, interpret, and act on patterns that emerge from all this data – just like our brains do.

The most famous cognitive computer to date is IBM’s Watson which earned its claim to fame crushing two human champions on Jeopardy in 2011.


In a video released by IBMLabs, the research team explains this new era of cognitive computing and how it signifies “a fundamental shift in how machines interact with us and the environment — where machines will, for example, see images the way we do.”

IBM is on a mission to bring computing to the future. Do you agree this is where computing should be headed?


Tool of the Week: 1 Second Everyday


“Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life…” New Android mobile app 1 Second Everyday wants to help you make it. Released just two days ago, it has already been featured on tech publications like Mashable, TED, Fast Company, CNN, and more.

The concept behind the app is just what its name suggests: record one second of your life every day so you’ll have a time sequence with the best parts of every day you’ve lived. Imagine – you could relive an entire decade of your life in just over an hour.

You can record the video through the app or any other mobile video capture tool. The app then compiles your one-second video clips chronologically.


The ultimate goal of the app is to let you live your life to the fullest by limiting the amount of time you spend recording your life while still capturing the essence of what you want to remember when you look back. The app also supports multiple timelines if you wanted to create collections based around different themes. You can compile videos for any amount of time.

What sets 1 Second Everyday apart from leading video capture apps like Instagram and Vine is that it does not make sharing an essential component of its functionality. The app is not a social network. If you wanted to keep your compilation to yourself, you can.

The app is free for 30-days and 99₵ to purchase.

Will you start recording 1 second every day?


Around the Hub: Restaurant Week


We hope you’re hungry, Bostonians! Boston’s summer 2013 Restaurant Week kicks off this Sunday and runs through Friday. More than 200 of Boston’s best restaurants will present their finest menus to work up your appetite. From traditional restaurants to the newest hotspots and from Asian cuisine to French cuisine, Restaurant Week will offer a myriad of tasty dining options.

Restaurant goers can order a two-course lunch for $15.13, a three-course lunch for $20.13, or a three-course dinner for $38.13. Among the many succulent food dishes is lamb, with a variety of the participating restaurants offering it on their menus.

Take a look at our restaurant picks to check out during the week. Don’t these menus look delicious?

Bistro du Midi


Where: 272 Boylston Street, Boston, MA

What we’re going to order:

  • Appetizer: House-made Pâté, Cornichons, Olives, Whole Grain Mustard
  • Entree: Squid Ink Tagliatelle, Calamari, Mussels, Sea Beans, Chilies
  • Dessert: Gianduja Palette, Hazelnut Ice Cream



Where: 241 Hanover Street, Boston, MA

What we’re going to order:

  • Antipasti: Carpaccio: CAB prime beef, arugula, pecorino & truffle infused oil
  • Secondi: Gnocchetti: Sorrentina style, baked with bufala mozzarella, tomatoes & basil
  • Dolci: Tiramisu

Restaurant Dante


Where: 40 Edwin H Land Boulevard, Cambridge, MA

What we’re going to order:

  • Primi: “ravioli ai piselli” – Pea Ravioli with snap peas, fava beans, asparagus, mushrooms, pecorino
  • Secondi: “bistecca ai ferri” – Hanger Steak with cipollini sauce, trumpet royale mushrooms, oven cured tomato
  • Dolci: “melanzane e ciocolato” – Neapolitan eggplant dessert with caramelized orange, pine nuts

Turner Fisheries


Where: 10 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA

What we’re going to order:

  • First Course: Point Judith Stuffed Squid: crab stuffing, black beans, herbed boursin, sweet corn cream
  • Main Course: Whole Mediterranean Branzini: summer vegetable risotto, lemon confit
  • Dessert: Tequila Sorbet Sunrise: orange sorbet, grenadine sorbet, tequila agave syrup

Will you join us?

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