iPhone’s Latest Editions


Let’s talk about the newest pair to enter the iPhone family: 5S and 5C. For months now we’ve been subjected to all kinds of speculation – wider screens, faster processing, color! As usual, photos were consistently being leaked leading up to the big reveal yesterday at Apple’s event.

What’s new?



  • Color: No longer comes in black or white, but silver, champagne or space gray.
  • Processing: Faster
  • Camera: Now with a “True Tone” flash which senses the coloring of the portrait and chooses a flash color to match it. Added photography and video modes with burst photography and slow motion video recording.
  • Cool new feature: No more swiping to unlock! The Touch ID security feature can secure your iPhone with your fingerprint and also allow you to make purchases on iTunes.
  • Price: On contract $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB and $399 for 64GB.
  • Preorder Date: September 20th.

Then there’s the 5C – Apple’s attempt at a more basic, affordable model for the masses in markets where it lags behind Android and Nokia shares because of its heavy price tag.


  • Make: Plastic
  • Color: White or Neon – in Green, Blue, Yellow or Pink.
  • Features: 8 mega pixel camera, 4-inch Retina display and 4g LTE capability. This phone is designed to function better in low-light conditions and is capable of handling all the new camera features of the iOS 7.
  • Price: On contract $100 for 16GB and $199 for 32GB
  • Preorder Date: September 13th


So what’s the word on these new phones? It seems like most people are not impressed with the 5C. With a price tag of US $733 in China, the 5C isn’t quite the low-cost solution people hoped it would be. On the other side of the fence fashionistas around the world are rejoicing about the gold 5S. Some took to Twitter in hyperbolic fashion tweeting they would “kill” or “sell a lung” for the gold model, buying into the belief that it will soon become a beacon of social class and thus, a must-have.


Industry leaders and analysts are suggesting that Apple should focus more on profit growth than subscriber growth. Apple’s stock had been rising for the month leading up to the announcement of the new releases but has since fallen starting with a 5% loss on the day of the unveiling.


Meanwhile, other brands did not waste any time in capitalizing on the hot topic. Almost immediately after Apple’s announcement, Nokia UK took a quick jab at the 5C on Twitter, garnering 7,000 retweets in just 20 minutes:


Even late-night breakfast food haven Denny’s took the opportunity to remind people that they’ve got plenty of gold to go around.



What do you think of the new iPhones?


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