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Top Story: iPhones Get Some Color


Pre-orders for the recently released iPhone 5S and 5C are available starting today. The most talked-about new feature has to be the introduction of new colors into the iPhone’s previous black and white offerings. From the gold 5S that has fashionistas everywhere gushing to the spectrum of neon 5Cs that have preteens all hyped up, color is the most prominent update to the flagship smartphone collection.


In fact, the mystery has been officially solved – the “C” in 5C does stand for “Color” rather than “Cheap”. This harkens back to Apple’s heritage of integrating candy-colored hues in their products. Remember those iMacs?


Back when computers were all shades of gray, Apple released their model in five fruit-inspired colors which saw massive success, immediately boosting sales by 24%. So whether or not Nokia wants to admit it, adding some color to the mix may just be what the iPhone needed to step up its game.


What do you think?


Tool of the Week: Tidepool


“Ever get that 2:30 feeling…” No, this is not another commercial for 5 Hour Energy. Mobile app Tidepool knows that people have unique patterns of highs and lows throughout the day – much like, you guessed it, the ebb and flow of a tidepool. The app takes these personality profiles – 60 in total – and makes recommendations on how you should structure your workflow for maximum productivity.


Personality profiles include The Chief Executive, The Architect, The Tried & True, The Swiss Army Knife, The Different Drummer, The Laser, The Ghost Writer, The Bullet Train, The Host, The Sparkler, The Pillar of Strength, The Painter’s Palette, The Connoisseur, The Charger, The Loyalist, The Cool Cat, The Maverick, The Microwave, The Paradox, The Well-Oiled Machine, The Super Sleuth, The Eye of the Storm and The Igniter.


To find out which fits you best, you play a number of simple games through the app that assesses how your brain works. “For example, the Snoozer game assesses cognitive processing speed, a cognitive ability influenced by circadian rhythms, sleep, emotions and diet, among other factors,” explains Tidepool Co-Founder, Vamsee Nalamothu:

We are collecting information on processing speed over time along with these other variables. When we collect the information needed, including a game of emotions to be released by the end of September, we will provide users with novel information on how they can improve their productivity.


Moving forward, Tidepool wants to incorporate other kinds of data, such as sleep and exercise information, for a more comprehensive profile for even more accurate recommendations. Tidepool is currently in Beta for iOS. Would you try it?


Under the Radar: Ads Coming to Instagram


It was really only a matter of time and that time is about to come. Instagram is opening up its platform to ads. It’s been three years of ad-free photo sharing with a clean and simple design. The moment Facebook acquired it last year, we knew major changes were on the way. While no set date has been set, we can expect them to start appearing in the next year.


With the announcement of reaching 150 million users, Instagram is in a very valuable position for monetization. The captain behind the task of navigating the platform into the ad age? That would be Facebook veteran Emily White, now Instagram’s director of business operations. She has been charged with turning the billion-dollar investment in a company that has never made a single dollar into a profitable business.


Assembling a team of brand marketers, White’s biggest challenge is to figure out how to integrate ads onto the platform without taking too much from its inherent coolness. Instagram’s immense popularity with the teen and young adult demographics is a marketer’s dream, but too much overt advertisement can end up alienating its users.


White’s got her work cut out for her, but she seems to be on the right track. She understands that a big aspect of Instagram’s appeal stems from its uncluttered design and is looking to stay as true to that as possible.


Do you think Instagram will continue to be as successful with the rollout of advertising or will it turn off users who have gotten used to the ad-free space?


Around the Hub: MixFest


Every September, Boston variety music station Mix 104.1 organizes MixFest, a FREE outdoor concert featuring some of their favorite major artists. Born in 1993, MixFest is held every year at the gorgeous DCR Hatch Memorial Shell and attracts over 150,000 attendees. Over the years, MixFest has hosted artists including TRAIN, Lifehouse, and Dido.


For the 10th anniversary of the series, MixFest will present 90s super boy-band The Backstreet Boys, Icelandic indie folk pop band Of Monsters and Men and melodic pop rock singer-songwriter Gavin Degraw.


Bring the family and friends out. It’s bound to be a great time.

What: Free Outdoor Concert

Where: DCR Hatchshell

When: Saturday, September 14

Time: Doors open at 1p.m.

Gavin Degraw opens the show at 4:25p.m.

BSB take the stage at 5:45p.m.

Of Monsters and Men close out the show starting at 6:45p.m.

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