2014 Resolutions, Snapchat #NotSorry, ChoiceMap and Branded MBTA



Top Story: New Years Resolutions


Happy second Friday of 2014! Standing firm on those New Year’s Resolutions? 45% of Americans are right there with you, according to a recent survey published in the University of Scranton Journal of Clinical Psychology.

Top New Year’s Resolutions include lose weight, fall in love, enjoy life to the fullest, learn something exciting and spend more time with family. We’ve taken some of these top resolutions for 2014 and applied them to marketing for your brand in this post.


Need some quotivation to keep you going? Check out these awesome ones from Buzzfeed (See the rest here):






What are your New Year resolutions?


Under the Radar: Snapchat #NotSorry


In response to a massive security breach that leaked an estimated 4.7 million Snapchat phone numbers right before the New Year, the social media platform released a blog post announcing an update allowing users to opt-out of the Find Friends feature, which links phone numbers to usernames.


“Our team continues to make improvements to the Snapchat service to prevent future attempts to abuse our API,” Snapchat said in a blog post. “We are sorry for any problems this issue may have caused you and we really appreciate your patience and support.”


Initially alerted to the potential security breach in August, then again in December by a whitehat hacker collective, Snapchat failed to provide any updates to protect users against the threat. After the hack finally did occur, Snapchat caught massive flack for its nonchalant blog response.


Tool of the Week: ChoiceMap


Life is full of tough decisions. From career paths to investments, outfits to dining, there is no shortage of moments when we find ourselves facing choices that will influence our lives. That’s the beauty of the free world, but all those decisions can often pile up and cause more stress than they should. Enter ChoiceMap, a free iPhone app that helps people make better decisions.


Released New Year’s Day, ChoiceMap walks you through any decision by breaking them down into a list of priorities, rating them by how well they meet your needs, and scoring them using an algorithm. As per industry standard, the app also allows you to share your results with people you trust through Facebook, Twitter and email.


ChoiceMap’s developer Jonathan Jackson explains why ChoiceMap works:

The funny thing is–with ChoiceMap–people don’t need to decide what’s best. They need to acknowledge their own priorities. ChoiceMap helps people clarify these priorities one step at a time. As users walk through ChoiceMap, they feed our algorithm everything it needs to rank their options. So, at the end of the line, people discover that they’ve already made the big decision through a series of tiny steps.

Do you have a decision weighing you down? Will you give ChoiceMap a shot?


Around the Hub: MBTA Puts Out Station Naming Rights Request for Proposals


It’s no secret the T’s massive deficit takes a huge toll on city legislature, and it seems like 2014’s the year to start really hitting the issue hard.


The last week of 2013, the MBTA put out Requests for Proposals for the naming rights on nine stations along the system, which includes Back Bay, Downtown Crossing, Park Street, North Station, State Street, Boylston, South Station, and Yawkey Way.


For the cool asking price of $1 million, businesses can bid on the opportunity to slap its name on a station. Just think: Dunkin’ Donuts Station. Bank of America Stop. Ocean Spray Way. The five-year naming rights contract is a pretty sweet deal.


While only 9 stations are being considered at the moment, the T is also accepting “Expressions of Interest” for remaining stations. However, the T is not considering proposals from “adult content” businesses, political parties and messages, gun companies, family names, religious groups, or alcohol, and tobacco brands.


Who do you want to see branding the T?

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