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Top Story: Facebook #Trending


From January 2011 to this month, about3.3 million teens have left Facebook, a loss of 25.3% in that demographic, reports iStrategyLabs.

Rapidly losing touch with this key demographic, the social networking giant rolls out Trending, a feature that lets you know what everyone’s talking about at the moment.

Trends have been a staple on Twitter for ages, so what differentiates those on Twitter?

  • Personalization

Rather than just showing the most popular trends across its billion-user platform, Facebook also shows you topics based on your interests.

  • Context

Rather than just a word or phrase Facebook Trending gives you a brief headline of each topic.

Clicking a topic brings you to the Page of mentions by friends, Pages, and public posts by anyone who lets people “Follow” them.

 What do you think of the feature?


Under the Radar: Google Contact Lenses


Google is throwing its hat into the ring against diabetes. Yesterday, the internet search giant announced its plans to develop a smart contact lens.

Given that diabetes is a growing problem – now affecting one in every 19 people worldwide – Google is integrating its vision of wearable tech deeper into the future.

Why contact lenses?

Current glucose monitors and sensors are often disruptive and painful, resulting in people checking their blood glucose levels less often than recommended.

Project co-founders Brian Otis and Babak Parviz explain:

Over the years, many scientists have investigated various body fluids—such as tears—in the hopes of finding an easier way for people to track their glucose levels. But as you can imagine, tears are hard to collect and study. . . We wondered if miniaturized electronics. . .  might be a way to crack the mystery of tear glucose and measure it with greater accuracy.

While in the very early stages, the lens will measure glucose in tears using a wireless chip and miniaturized glucose sensor. With the announcement, Google hopes to attract expert partners to help them bring the project to market.


Tool of the Week: Stop, Breathe & Think


We’ve all heard of the many benefits of meditation, including increased focus, decreased anxiety and less stress. Did you know meditation also contributes to more creativity, compassion and memory recall? Meditation app Stop, Breathe & Think aims to help you tap into those benefits in just a few minutes a day.

What makes Stop, Breathe & Think different from the numerous existing meditation apps out there.

“The app gives you the option to check-in with how you are doing, mentally and physically, and then presents a list of meditations tailored specifically to you,” explains Jamie Price, executive director of founding organization Tools for Peace, “The check-in process is a simple way to quiet down, be still and figure out what’s going on inside. Then the recommended meditations are meant to be a support, to help you deal with whatever is going on. The app creates a log of your process, and you can share what you’re up to.”

Will you try to be more mindful this year?


Around the Hub: MLK Day


Today I learned (#TIL) that Martin Luther King Day is a floating holiday observed on the third Monday of January rather than on his actual birthday, January 15. This year marks MLK’s would-be 85th birthday.

We’ve gathered a brief list of events to commemorate one of the most prolific civil rights activists in history.

Sunday, January 19

BU’s MLK Service at Marsh Chapel

Did you know that Martin Luther King, Jr. earned his PhD in systematic theology at Boston University? In honor of its illustrious fallen alum, BU will honor MLK’s upcoming birthday with over a week long of events beginning with a service at Marsh Chapel. The service will be conducted by Marsh Chapel Dean Robert Allan Hill. The sermon, titled “The Welcome Table: Welcoming the Unwelcomed,” will be delivered by Professor of Ethical Leadership Walter Fluker. The Marsh Chapel Choir, led by music director Scott Allen Jarrett, will perform several African American hymns and spirituals. It will be broadcasted live on WBUR and can be downloaded as a podcast from Marsh Chapel’s website.

  • Location: Marsh Chapel, 735 Commonwealth Ave.
  • Time: 11 a.m.
  • Price: Free


Monday, January 20

BU’s MLK Remembrance Ceremony,Inner Strength to a Revolution of Hope: Reflections on Martin Luther King’s Day”

One of Boston’s largest MLK day ceremonies routinely drawing more than 1,000 people.  It will take a critical look at the strength and modern attitude needed when approaching issues of race and inequality, and specifically, the ways our current culture explores those issues via satire and music.

Speakers will include comedian and late-night show host W. Kamau Bell and US Senator Edward Markey. The Roxbury Youth OrchestraBU Hip Hop, and the Inner Strength Gospel Choir will also perform.

  • Location: George Sherman Union Metcalf Ballroom
  • Time: 2 p.m.
  • Price: Free


44th Annual MLK Memorial Breakfast

Boston’s premier and the nation’s longest-running event dedicated to the memory of Dr. King, the event features delicious food, live music, and is attended by a diverse gathering of civic, community, and religious leaders from across Massachusetts.Speakers will include Ambassador to Tanzania Charles Stith, Governor Deval Patrick, Mayor Martin Walsh and US Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey.

  • Location: Boston Convention Center, 415 Summer St, Boston
  • Time: 8 – 10 a.m.
  • Price: $50


11th Annual Boston Children’s Chorus MLK Concert

This annual concert celebrates the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who envisioned a nation of unity and peace, one where all people stand together as equals in harmony.

  • Location: Jordan Hall at New England Conservatory, 30 Gainsborough St., Boston.
  • Time: 7 p.m.
  • Price: $25 – $45


Tribute to Dr. King

Special selections of music and the moving words of Dr. King as presented by community leaders.

  • Location: Faneuil Hall, Boston
  • Time: 1 p.m.
  • Price: Free


Several museums are participating in commemoration activities:

Museum of Fine Arts

The MFA will host an open house filled with special programming and activities for all ages. Highlights include films, art-making, activities, and live performances throughout the museum.

  • Location: 465 Huntington Ave, Boston
  • Time: 10 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.
  • Price: Free


Children’s Museum

Celebrate diversity and the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. by working together to build a community art mobile that will be a reminder of his dreams.

  • Location: 9 Sullivan Ave, Easton
  • Time: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Price: $9; under one and members free


Discovery Museums

Celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. by creating white doves and adding your dreams for the future onto the museum’s “Dream Tree.”

  • Location: 177 Main St., Acton.
  • Time: 10 a.m. – noon
  • Price: $11


Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History

Learn about Dr. King’s life, as well as many other famous African-Americans, on stamps. Make a free Black Heritage Collection craft project with stamps.

  • Location: 235 Wellesley St. at Regis College, Weston
  • Time: 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
  • Price: Adults, $9; seniors, $5; ages 5-16, $3.


How will you honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. this year?

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