451 Internships: A View from the Inside

We make people love your brand.

It may be a simple phrase, but it’s what drew me to apply for a 451 Marketing internship this past spring.

Sure, the agency’s fiery red logo and diverse list of clients caught my eye, but when I saw those six words, I knew I’d found the perfect agency to spend my semester at.



451 Marketing had exactly what I was looking for: passion.

That passion was clear from the moment that I stepped out of the elevator to start my internship in the Marketing department. Honestly, I would have been excited at any chance to break out of the cocoon that is my college campus for a few days a week, but I immediately knew that 451 was different.

Just walking through the office for the first time, I could see the passion, the love for their work, in people’s faces. And it was contagious – I came into the internship with an interest in marketing, and I came out with a burning passion for it.

There’s a lot I can say about my experience as an intern at 451. There was the awesome intern project where we got to pitch a campaign in front of the agency’s top execs, there was the time I got to be an extra in NESN’s Dining Playbook, and of course, the Pizza Fridays. Then, there were all the times I was invited to attend events hosted by The Boston Business Journal, like the 2014 Pacesetters awards (where 451 Marketing was honored for the fourth consecutive year!).

That's me on the left with other 451 Marketing interns!
That’s me on the left with other 451 Marketing interns!

But most of all, what set the internship apart for me was being treated as a valued member of the team. You always hear horror stories about internships where your days are spent fetching coffee and sorting file cabinets; that could not be further from what the internship program at 451 is all about.

Every day, I was met with a new and exciting project from my supervisors (shout out to Halley Sheffield, Director of Marketing, and Pampan Zhang, Marketing Coordinator), and every day, I felt like I was making an impact on the agency’s success.

As an aspiring marketer, I was able to build my skills tremendously at 451 thanks to the projects I was assigned. Whether I was drafting social media content, creating infographics, or writing blog posts, I learned how to tailor my existing strengths to the fast-paced world of marketing.

Studying communications at school is one thing, but being surrounded by the marketing experts at 451 was an experience like no other. My semester at the agency has undoubtedly equipped me with the confidence and knowhow to pursue a career in the field – something you can’t quite attain in the classroom.

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Whether you’re gearing up for an internship at 451 Marketing or elsewhere, here are my tips for making the most out of your experience:

  • Always ask if there’s more to do. The answer is always ‘yes.’ Your supervisors are busy, so anything you can do to help them out will be much appreciated. I’ve worked on some great projects that I never would have been assigned if I hadn’t asked.
  • Be open-minded about all your projects. I’ll be honest and say that I got a little nervous when I was asked to work on infographics. I have little to no training in art and graphic design. But those projects ended up being fantastic opportunities for me to try something new (and my Photoshop skills improved drastically), so don’t shy away from projects that aren’t right up your alley to begin with!
  • Ask questions. Curious about how what you’re working on is going to be used? Confused about some part of your project? Just ask! Be a sponge and soak up as much information as you can – it’s the best way to learn.
  • Talk to people. Other interns, people who sit around you, people you run into in the kitchen – everybody! I was able to sit down and chat with 451 Marketing Founding Partner AJ Gerritson, and it was amazing how much I learned about the agency in just 10 minutes. Take advantage of all the smart and inspirational people at your fingertips.

As I enter my senior year and look towards the future, I know I won’t forget my experience at 451 anytime soon. To put it simply: At the same time that the agency was igniting passion for its clients’ brands, it was igniting my passion for marketing. What more could I ask for in an internship?


**Written by Marketing intern Jenna Buckle, Sociology major and Mass Communications minor at Tufts University (Class of 2015).

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