#BendGate, Kallio, New NFL CMO and Boston Arts & Culture


Top Story: Apple faces #Bendgate scandal in the wake of new iPhone 6 release


Big phones and small spaces are not a good fit for the new iPhone 6. New owners have found it’s surprisingly (and irritatingly) easy to bend their new phone, the discovery of which has been cleverly dubbed #BendGate.

They say no one (or thing) is perfect, but Apple’s strongest selling point for its newest product has also become its weakness; the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have an incredibly thin, sleek—but also malleable—exterior.

The first person to report the design glitch explained the finding on the MacRumors forum page. Soon, others were contributing, saying they had faced the same unfortunate event when they tried to place the phone in their front pocket, thinking (mistakenly) that it would be more protected than if they accidentally sat on it.

Though Apple’s reputation for innovative, high quality products makes this mistake even more inadmissible, other companies have made this same error: Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z1, BlackBerry Q10, older iPhone models, and other Android smartphones have all had weakened surfaces.

Still, consumers wasted no time in sharing their own responses and interpretations, as seen on twitter:



It wasn’t long before certain brands took to the social media site to display some real-time brand marketing:

real time brand

kit kat

Though Apple hasn’t given much of a response to the situation—probably due to the huge backlash of angry customers and negative publicity—a few brands took this moment to create timely, engaging social media content that addressed the issue with an air of affability. KitKat took the mistake as an opportunity to add to a conversation while subtly leveraging its newest partnership with Apple’s competitor, Android.

To see more of twitter users’ opportune (and entertaining) tweets, head over to The Next Web to see a full list.


Tool of the Week: Kallio


Kallio is a sustainable children’s clothing brand that focuses its efforts on reducing waste stemming from textile manufacturing. This Brooklyn based brand creates children’s wear by up cycling men’s shirts. This eco-friendly method of manufacturing is also very creative and resourceful. For example, a young girl’s sundress can easily be created out of a man’s shirt by cutting off the sleeves, and altering the waistline.

Founder Karina Kallio explains that, during her time as a clothing designer, she witnessed the level of waste generated by the textile industry. Her business aim is to create fashionable clothing while maintaining her brand’s social responsibility.


Kallio is currently raising funds through Kickstarter to help open the Kallio workSHOP. This workspace in Williamsburg, Brooklyn will serve as the new brand headquarters. Furthermore, the workSHOP will double as a teaching space, for anyone interested in learning sustainable design techniques.

The workSHOP will host a pop-up series, where various artists can display their sustainable techniques in “urban gardening, food styling, photography” and more. Kallio’s aim is to foster an environment for sustainable design, with artists joining forces and sharing skills- to create a more eco friendly, stylish society.

Under the Radar: Pepsi-Co exec named new NFL CMO


Dawn Hudson has decided to take on the big leagues, saying she’s excited to join the NFL despite ongoing legal mishandlings.

The former Pepsi-Co chief executive will take her position as the NFL’s CMO next month under the direction of Roger Goodell. In her new role, she will oversee the strategy and fulfillment of all NFL-wide marketing tactics.

Hudson, who spent the last five years as Vice Chairman of Boston-based The Parthenon Group, is an ideal candidate to take Mark Waller’s former post:  Her love for sports, coupled with her previous marketing experience with Pepsi and the NFL’s partnership, gives her the expertise, competence and vision to lead the NFL in a renewed direction.

But many have noticed an even more apparent factor playing into Hudson’s timely title change: She is a woman joining the NFL in the midst of its most catastrophic domestic violence scandals in recent years. The league’s ongoing legal crises, including Ray Rice’s leaked videotape of him punching his then-fiancée Janay Palmer in an elevator, has cast a dark shadow over the institution’s recent outreach efforts to target the female demographic.

Though it hasn’t been explicitly stated, the NFL’s strategic decision to add a woman to its team—one who would likely appeal to this jeopardized audience—could be a way for the league to mend its quickly unraveling reputation.

Still, Goodell made no mention of Hudson’s gender while welcoming her. “We are looking forward to working with Dawn, whose experience as a leader and marketer will help further connect the NFL with fans,” he stated.

With the NFL’s deliberate shift to place a woman in a place of power, it seems possible that further steps will be taken to continue on a path of reform and reconciliation. Let’s hope that Hudson’s gender doesn’t shape or limit her new role, but brings further insight to engaging a largely underserved audience during this critical and challenging time.


Around the Hub: Arts and Culture on the Rise

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 11.38.50 AM

Mayor Walsh appointed Julie Burros as Boston’s Chief of Arts and Culture on Tuesday, September 23. Burros, a director of Cultural Planning for the Windy City’s Department of Cultural Affairs, contributed heavily to upholding arts and culture in the city of Chicago.

According to the City of Boston, this position has not been appointed for over 20 years, and has in the past, allowed public art and civic innovation to flourish. In December of this year, Burros is expected to become active in the role.

Burros is noticeably excited to be taking up the role:

Boston has great potential in the arts world, and this is a unique opportunity to examine all of Boston’s cultural assets and align them with Mayor Walsh’s vision to make arts and culture a key piece across all City departments.

Armed with a budget of $1.3 million, Burros has an extensive plan to reinvigorate the artistic landscape of Boston, from public conversation, to art installments across the city.

Mayor Walsh stated he had “often heard about the need for the arts to be more integrated into the lives of residents and visitors”. Mayor Walsh, who was highly applauded for renovating City Hall, is a great advocate for integrating art and culture in the city.

Burros past experience, coupled with Mayor Walsh’s previous dedication to the initiative during his term as the city’s chief executive, envisions a bright future for arts and culture in Boston.

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