3 Ways Brands are Capitalizing on Holiday Momentum

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Businesses may use social media in different styles and varying levels of activity, but their intent is the same: to connect with consumers and to stay relevant. A relatively easy way to do this is to piggyback on widespread events, such as holidays. Doing it well, however, is another story.

Aligning with holidays may work better for some companies rather than others, but with some creativity and strategic posting campaigns, businesses can use the opportunity to effectively engage with current fans and followers, with the potential to bring in more.

In this 451Heat post, you will find how 3 of our clients utilized different social media channels to integrate Halloween spirit into their posts for the month of October.

Dancing Deer Baking Co. – Pinterest

Pinterest is perhaps one of the most interactive platforms, allowing users to curate their own style while drawing content from other users that fits that style. Dancing Deer created a “Tricks & Treats” pin board onto which Halloween related pins have been steadily built up since the beginning of the month. A creative board title, coupled with a mix of the company’s products and “lifestyle” pins that align with the brand’s personality, make for content that is relevant to the consumer’s current interests.

Dancing Dear 1
Dancing Dear 3As DIY projects are very popular on Pinterest, Dancing Deer created a DIY Halloween treat using their baked goods for followers to use as inspiration for their Halloween celebrations.

Lactaid – Facebook

It is important for brands to remain active and current on Facebook, as it is one of the most popular and highly accessible social media platforms. Lactaid has almost 60,000 followers on Facebook, so the brand had a large audience to engage with. Lactaid tied in Halloween-themed posts and creative content into regular posts, to fans’ delight.

Lactaid 1Followers loved this Halloween cover photo on Facebook, featuring Lactaid Chocolate Milk masquerading as a ghost. A cover photo is one of the first things a visitor to a Facebook page will see, and as such is important to keep updated and relevant.

Lactaid 2Lactaid also created an image campaign throughout October of its products sporting Halloween attire to build up excitement for the holiday and highlight different products through a creative approach. This image of the brand’s cottage cheese, with the clever caption “Enjoy something you can really sink your teeth into this Halloween season, like LACTAID® Cottage Cheese!” generated 460+ likes and 50+ comments.

Crio Brü – Instagram

On Instagram, a company can work thematic visual elements into its posts to show at a glance that it is in line with what the company’s fans want to see. For the month of October, Crio Brü wove classic fall motifs, such as pumpkins and rich color, into its Instagram posts. The company also utilized popular hashtags that are relevant for fall and October to make it possible for non-followers to discover its posts.

Crio Brü highlighted its Pumpkin Spice mix and built up the product throughout October in the spirit of Halloween, and by announcing the early release of the flavor, showed that the business was in tune with the consumers’ wants and needs.

Criobru 2

Criobru 4

With these examples, your brand will be able to bring in the holidays with a focused, creative media plan.

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