Internship Chronicles: My Experience at 451


A semester at 451 will give any intern a taste of agency lifestyle, marketing, and the opportunity to work in a fun environment.

The program structure offered several opportunities to learn and contribute to the team’s success. This provided a wholesome experience to learn, to improve the skills you might already have, and to apply your knowledge on an actual project.

By working closely with my supervisor and attending the intern Coffee Break Academies (coffee and pastries included, yum!) I was able to learn so much about my department and the others in the agency.

My supervisor asked me specifically what topics I wanted to fully grasp and then made sure I had the opportunities to do so. I sat in on meetings and brainstorms, which was a great way to see how the team goes about creating its strategies and reaching its goals. The intern supervisors were always willing to meet with interns, whether they were on their team or not, to answer questions or to offer thoughts and advice.

As college students, especially as seniors, we’re constantly seeking to know more about the industry we may choose for a career.

Working at 451 provided a whole group of industry experts to learn from, and meeting with the supervisors offered one more person’s input to consider.

I enjoyed the Coffee Break Academies because I liked to see what else happens at 451. Because cross-team integration is such an important component to success, seeing how the other departments work together was a perfect model for the intern team to follow when working as a mini agency for our final project.


Working on the Social Media Team was the perfect balance of work and play.

Team lunches or coffee breaks allowed me to get to know my co-workers outside of the office, and completing tasks for each team member allowed me to see how different roles play into the team structure.

Having a grasp on the social media strategy, I then contributed to the social component of the intern project with a solid foundation to build from. Having an actual client to develop a strategy for was a really unique experience.

The entire group of interns worked together, contributing to the part of the project that paralleled the department where he or she worked. This was a really cool way to see a real-world scenario of how the departments work together for their clients.

The internship experience at 451 Marketing provides great opportunities to learn, but even more importantly, it gives the opportunities to apply that knowledge.


**Written by Social Media intern Hilary Bokoff, Business Administration major at Boston University (2015).

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