28 Top Digital Media Strategists to Watch in 2015


From Malala Yousafzai’s Nobel Prize winning work and the grand opening of One World Trade Center to the Ebola outbreak and Ferguson riots, 2014 was a year of epic highs and devastating lows.

From the final episodes of long-standing shows like The Colbert Report, How I Met Your Mother and Sons of Anarchy to the crowning of Germany as World Cup Champions, there was plenty to keep the world buzzing.

Traditional and digital media became even more entwined as people made mobile devices an essential component of their daily lives. Connectivity was a given, and marketing professionals from all industries are transforming their craft.

As we stand on the cusp of the New Year, we present you with our 6th annual list of top digital media strategists to follow as they reveal and react to what is sure to be an exciting 2015.


Digital Marketing

8ru8rggikw4nfq426tfk_400x400Jason Falls, Founder at Social Media Watch, (@jasonfalls)

Falls’s straight talking nature provides honest tips about digital marketing and social media.




twitter_headshot_400x400Tom Fishburne, Founder and CEO of Marketoon Studios, (@TomFishburne) In his past time, he creates poignant cartoons on the world of digital marketing and advertising.    



Soph_400x400Sophie Brendel, BBC’s Head of Digital Communication, (@sophiebr)

Brendel pairs her personal views mixed with tech news, innovation and – of course – the latest in BBC happenings.


DrnivgBJ_400x400Jessica Northey, (@jessicanorthey) If you’re a music junkie interested in social media, get your fix here.    



makemoneywithablog_400x400John Paul Aguiar, (@JohnAguiar)

Aguiar helps businesses and bloggers alike turn social media content in to monetary results. He was also listed as one of Forbes top social media bloggers in 2013.



OjrKkBl9_400x400Jennifer Preston, VP of Journalism at Knight Foundation, first social-media editor at NYTimes, (@JenniferPreston) Preston’s news heavy twitter feed gives followers a large does of the latest and greatest in media consumption.



b02a4bc429cd7238f2590a5442987374_400x400Sree Sreenivasan, Columbia Journalism School professor, (@Sree)

Sreenivasan is a professor at Columbia who pairs the latest digital news with his academic insight.


JohnnyPress_400x400Jack Shafer, Slate media columnist, (@jackshafer) Shafer is a well-regarded columnist that translates his amusing, bright writing style into 140 characters. Follow him if you like your media news with a large does of sarcasm and witty commentary.  




Public Relations

zHMcm833_400x400Stephanie Florence, Edelman, (@StephanieFlo)

Florence describes herself as a PR girl who can “talk to a brick wall and dance to a kazoo.” Check out her page for honest and personal stories about the world of public relations.

katie3_400x400Katie Gerber, 451 Marketing West Coast Vice President of Public Relations, (@ktgerber) Gerber’s quirky tweets have no bounds: she addresses everything from clip art to Grumpy Cat.    



3d9e26c96cb33b39f81050799243b43fRichard Laermer, CEO at RLM PR,(@laermer) Laermer is a media junkie who addresses “all things askew”. Visit his twitter for the latest in thoughtful quotes and quirky commentary on the latest in digital news.  



onItfsvn_400x400Sarah Evans, Chief Evangelist at Tracky, (@prsarahevans)

Evans offers valuable opinions on the latest digital trends and tech items.


6aa133d760e590182fd1a65ee87cf110_400x400Mark Ragan, CEO at Ragan Communications, (@MarkRaganCEO) Leave it to the head of Ragan Communications to offer the best in digital media and communication news.



V3UP3WJO_400x400Ashley McCollum, VP Business Development & Communications, (@McCollumAshley)

As the Chief of Staff at Buzzfeed, McCollum’s commentary on media news is anything but banal.


new_pic_jbat_400x400 John Battelle, Founder and Chairman of Federated Media, (@johnbattelle) With Battelle’s tweets, he shares a lot of information with little words. Check out his page for the latest musings in search and technology.



18ce4b3eb08868f444a2596942dcb7af_400x400Chris Anderson, Wired magazine editor, (@Chr1sa)

If you consider yourself a geek, Anderson’s twitter feed is your new home. Follow him if you love getting the inside scoop on the latest tools and tech.



3cf4bed9cb5e434ecbe97df2bf4cf973_400x400 Mark Duffy, written for buzzfeed and vice (@copyranter) Known as the “most acerbic ad critic”, Duffy does not spare words in taking down some of the most notable ads in big branding.  



Newman_Passage_400x400Dave Trott, Chairman of The Gate Worldwide, (@davetrott)

Trott’s Twitter account gives the best advice from chapters out of the book of campaigns and advertising.


Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 3.09.52 PMMartin Weigel, Head of Planning at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, (@mweigel) Weigel’s playful and sarcastic tweets offer a refreshing take on some of the most serious global and advertising news.



f43efb67d690165e4c0003ca3fa2694b_400x400Ryan Wallman, Wellmark head of copy, (@Dr_Draper)

Wallman has been lauded as “the great advertising cynic”. Look to him for bitterly honest commentary on the world of advertising.


3z51wU6G_400x400Jerry Daykin, Global Digital Director at Carat, (@JDaykin) Daykin shares his thoughts on digital campaigns from top brands, comments on advertising from peers and competitors.  



009e520Andy Nairn, Founding Partner of Lucky General, (@AndyNairn)

A veteran of the advertising industry with more than 20 years of insight and a funny bone to boot.

KvxdX8oX_400x400Brian Carter, SEO and PPC manager of Fuel Interactive, (@briancarter) Carter shares some advice from his newest bestseller, The Cowbell Principle, as well as what’s happening in the advertising and copywriting industry.  


Thought Leaders

nxWHbd5s_400x400Claudine Collins, Managing director at MediaCom UK, (@ClaudineCollins)

Collins gives us a peak into her world as a managing director, which includes jet-setting, networking and the wonderful insights that come from it.


EGIvr5w7_400x400Paul Frampton, CEO of Havas Media UK, (@Paul_Framp) Frampton’s feed is a mix of marketing news and sensible branding philosophy.




l_d5gZno_400x400John Legere, CEO and president of T-Mobile US, (@JohnLegere)

Legere’s tweets are brimming with pride and inspiration. Look to him for positive quotes and original musings (oh yea, and T-Mobile updates).   Dear @Twitter, please develop a sarcasm font! Brilliant, right?? — John Legere (@JohnLegere) December 8, 2014



aIAaCkaJ_400x400David Armano, Managing Director at Edelman Digital Chicago, (@armano)

Armano’s candid nature gives an interesting view into the day in the life of a managing director.


7c04cb9ff22a8b28fa1c5bb5c6533179_400x400AJ Gerritson, Founding Partner, 451 Marketing, (@AJGerritson) Gerritson joins the list as an experienced marketer who shares his insights on the industry through a variety of media outlets.   

What do you think of our list? Let us know who is on your list – tweet us at @451Marketing!

Pampan Zhang

Pampan Zhang is a Marketing Coordinator at 451 Marketing. Follow her on Twitter @PampanAllday!

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