What People Think I Do VS. What I Actually Do: A PR Intern’s Perspective

what people think i do

Ever since I started interning in the public relations industry, I am constantly asked about what I do.

Recently, I stumbled upon a great article from PR Daily that made me think about my own experiences working in PR.  I came to realize that a lot of people don’t know what PR is, even though we’re constantly surrounded by PR in everyday life.

Here are four situations you might have experienced if you work in PR:

Media Relations

selling products

PR People: Media relations is so much more than that. If a morning show host introduces a new product or service, that’s something a publicist coordinated.




PR People: We send news and other relevant information about our clients to targeted media who would be interested in writing a story. If a media member is interested, we work with him or her to provide them with all the information needed and set up interviews with the client when needed.


Event Planning

red carpet

PR People: Red carpet events are one of the types of events we plan for our clients. We do the behind the scenes work to make the event a success, from coming up with the initial concept to staffing the event.


Social Media  


PR People: Social media may appear to be easy and simple, but doing it well isn’t.  You must develop a proper brand voice and content to initiate and maintain conversations with current followers, as well as garner new ones.


It can be frustrating when people don’t seem to understand your job, but it’s your job to inform them what you do. When it comes to describing PR, I have come to realize the most efficient way is to simply give people real-life examples, because PR is really everywhere!

Has this ever happened to you?


**Written by Public Relations intern Soonmee Kwon Marketing Communication and Public Relations at Emerson College (Class of 2015).


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