3 Tips for Branded Content Marketing for Community Banks

branded content marketing

To attract new customers and retain existing ones in today’s digital age, the need to optimize one’s online brand image is more important than ever. This is especially true for community banks.

Gen-Z is coming of age, the Gen-Y segment continues to mature, and the Gen-X and Boomer segments are embracing online communications like never before. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the national and regional banks are already using branded content marketing to reach out to your customers.

Not every community bank has the internal resources to implement a full-blown online marketing strategy. But branded content marketing used in an engaging, consistent, and timely way will win new business and help retain the business you have—even when done on a small scale.

By integrating your brand messaging with content that engages and entertains your audience, you can still stay top-of-mind without saturating them with sales messages.

For instance, you might build a news page on your bank’s website and create a planned schedule of posts to be uploaded monthly or quarterly. Topics could include online security, smart money management, investing and saving, or community news. Then, replicate that periodic messaging across multiple touch-points.

multiple touch points

To be effective your content marketing campaigns should utilize at least two or more of these channels, but the key is consistency and authenticity.

branded content must be

It’s important to analyze the results of the campaigns. By understanding the “what, when and where” of audience interaction and consumption of your content, you will know how to fine-tune and refocus your efforts as you go forward.

Of course, always be sure to have your legal or compliance officer check over your content first prior to publishing.

One of the interesting trends in bank marketing is behavioral retargeting. This is where the viewer will be served up a unique content based on their previous online behavior – where they went and what they browsed.

utilize behavioral targeting


For instance, if a user went to your website and read about how to switch to your bank, but left your site without filling out the contact form on the web page, they would be served banner ads reminding them about switching to your bank while they visit other websites later on. This technology gives you the ability to create content that speaks directly to the consumer’s needs in a timely way.

Whatever your marketing plans, know sooner or later you will have no choice but to improve your online brand image.

Just as mobile banking is now becoming standard for community banks, so too will branded content marketing. Ultimately, that means understanding what your bank’s brand stands for and how to tell your brand story consistently across multiple online channels.

The sooner you can institute these changes to your online marketing strategy, the better it will be for your brand!

Tyrone Pardue

Tyrone is the Director of Branding and Creative at 451 Marketing!

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