From Campus To Corporate: 4 Tips on Successfully Navigating the Post-Grad Job Hunt

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Spring has officially sprung; if you’re a college senior, that means it’s officially time to start looking for a post-grad job.

And this time, you’re hunting for a real-life, grown up job that will hopefully be the start to a fulfilling and fruitful career – not just a snack bar gig at the local pool.

I know it seems daunting, and you might be thinking that a fifth year sounds pretty darn good right now… but trust me, I was in your shoes less than two years ago (shout out to all my Redhawks out there – Love & Honor!). It will work out.

Here are my tips for navigating the post-grad job hunt, while still savoring the last few months of your college career.


Work your network.

Remember your dad’s nice, albeit kind of weird friend from his birthday party a few weeks back? Well, that person might have some great connections in the industry you’re seeking to infiltrate, so don’t hesitate to do some digging, and ask for a formal intro from your network.

You never know who people know, so be vocal about your career goals and how you hope to achieve them.


Cast a wide net.

By the time I was a college senior, I knew I wanted to live in LA and work in PR. I had a few agencies in mind, so I sent my resume and a tailored cover letter to each of them. But, I didn’t stop there.

I searched for other agencies and in-house opportunities in LA and reached out to each one I found interesting. By the time I visited for spring break, I had informational interviews set up with six different companies. Because of that, I ended up with two job offers within a month of graduating.

While I’m so grateful to be at 451 Marketing and wouldn’t trade it for the world, having multiple offers gave me a major confidence boost that has helped me in countless ways – both professionally and personally.

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If you want it, show it.

As soon as I met Katie Gerber, the brilliant and remarkably kind woman I’m lucky enough to call my boss, I knew I wanted to work for her.

Katie has an unparalleled work ethic, and I knew immediately that I could learn more from her in one week than I could from most people in a year. So I let her know that.

I joke about how I “stalked” Katie for months, emailing her every few weeks to remind her I was very much still moving to LA, and very much still in need of a job. That persistence paid off. When Katie got approval to make her first hire, I got the job.

If I hadn’t persisted in reaching out to emphasize how badly I wanted the job, I’m not sure I’d be at 451 Marketing today.


Have faith.

A wise man once said “Don’t you worry, don’t you worry child, see heaven’s got a plan for you…” Just kidding, it was Swedish House Mafia.

Regardless, the message is on point. The post-grad job hunt can be extremely disheartening at times.

Don’t let a little bit of rejection get you down – we’ve all been there, and we all get through it. As cheesy as it sounds, everything happens for a reason. So have a little faith and believe in yourself – if you don’t, who will?!

Abby Schiller

Abby Schiller is an account executive on 451 Marketing's West Coast PR team. Follow her @AbigailSchiller!

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