5 Ways to Spice Up Your Content Marketing


Content is king.  If you’re in the marketing field, chances are you’ve heard that phrase probably over a thousand times.

As annoying as the expression can be, it has definitely proven true.

Over 27 million pieces of content are shared daily, and as our world becomes more connected, that number will only rise.  This is because content is social and shareable–it attracts people and encourages them to spread your message.

Unfortunately, when we hear the word “content”, many have the immediate tendency to think, “Oh great, another blog.”  

But content doesn’t have to be limited to just blog posts or articles.  If you’re not a wordsmith, content marketing can still be for you.  Here, we’ve listed some fun and innovative ways to create content outside of the traditional written format.

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1. Podcasts

People still listen to podcasts?!  As it turns out, they do.

Within the last month, over 15% of Americans have listened to podcasts (that’s almost 40 million people), and just last year, Apple surpassed over 1 billion podcast downloads.  Podcasts are the radio for people on the go, with many listening to them on their morning commutes, at the gym, or while at work.

How can podcasts work for you?  Podcasts are a great stage to talk about things associated with your brand, or things your customers are interested in. Like all content marketing, the point isn’t to push your content onto customers, but to create a dialogue with customers that makes you a favored brand.

Podcasts are relatively inexpensive to produce–you can even record the audio for one on your phone.  Then it’s as simple as putting it on your website or distributing it through iTunes.

Podcast audiences take longer to build up than audiences for other mediums, but if your brand sticks with it–and continues to produce good content–you’ll build up a loyal and engaged following.


2. Infographics

Infographics are all the rage now.  They make complex information easier to process in an exciting visual format.

People are more likely to spend the time reading over a well-designed infographic than reading through pages of textual information.  Infographics help save us from information overload in an age where we are receiving 5x more information than we did in 1986.  They are easily comprehensible pieces of media that engage and attract readers.

How can infographics work for you?  Infographics don’t just have to be a way of explaining complicated data, they can be used to showcase make-up tips, what your coffee says about you, guides to superfoods, and other fun information.  Whatever your brand, there is a way to get content out there using an infographic.

Even if you’re not a graphic designer, infographics can be for you.  Sites like Visual.ly allow brands to connect with talented graphic designers to create infographics that showcase your brand.

If you’re looking for something more DIY though, sites like PiktochartEasel.ly, Canva, and Venngage are at your disposal to help you create infographics with no design expertise necessary.


3. Memes

Memes are a great way of connecting in a fun and unique way.  Memes are viral internet sensations that spark public interest.  They gain in importance and relevance until inevitably, they are discarded for a new meme.  Memes are shareable, easy to make, and relateable (especially to younger audiences).

How can memes work for you?  If you want to include your brand in the hype surrounding a meme, make sure you’re doing so in a smart and engaging way.

Understand the meme you’re going to be using, and make sure that it’s still relevant (you don’t want to hop on the bandwagon too late).  Make sure it connects back to your brand and makes sense.  Then log onto Makeameme.org and create a fun meme to share on your social outlets.

If your brand already has a lot of followers, don’t be afraid to create your own memes!

For example, Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World” advertisements inspired a wildly popular meme. You can even generate your own through this meme generator.


4. Videos

Videos are one of the most captivating forms of media out there today.  With new advancements like Facebook and Youtube autoplay, it’s almost hard not to watch a video when you’re presented with one.

How can videos work for you?  Videos offer a variety of opportunities for brands.  You can create “How-To” videos, host interviews, create a fictional series, tape an event, showcase new products; the possibilities are virtually endless.

And nowadays, video isn’t limited to what you can post on Youtube.  Apps like Vine allow users to create 6-second videos (which forces users to creatively think about what to post with such a short time allotment), and apps like Meerkat and Periscope allows users to livestream events directly from their smartphones.

Videos must be relevant to your followers, or they won’t find them engaging.  The more relevant your content, the more likely your followers are to share it with others and help you gain a wider audience.

Being Steven Spielberg isn’t necessary to create good videos.  All you need is an iPhone camera and a good concept, and you’re halfway there.


5. SlideShare Presentations

SlideShare presentations are a niche way of gaining followers, but they can also be incredibly effective.  SlideShare is a website that users can share slides and presentations they have created with others.  Many of the top SlideShare presentations have over a million views.

How can SlideShare work for you?  If you’re one of the many companies that has internal presentations floating around, you can easily throw them up onto SlideShare and gain peoples’ attention.  It’s a visually friendly way of sharing important and helpful content.

SlideShare presentations work best when they’re engaging and fun.  Simply speaking–your boring black and white Powerpoint isn’t going to cut it.  If your presentations are a little dull, pepper them with some visuals and make them exciting.

Remember, people don’t usually go on the internet to look at presentations, and they especially don’t go on the internet to look at boring presentations (so make yours fun!)

Take a look at our SlideShare presentations.


What will work for you?


**Written by marketing intern Lindsay Miller, Marketing Communications major at Emerson College (Class of 2015).

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