Solving #PostGradProblems with Social Media


As I stepped outside of the office to grab a quick lunch today, I couldn’t help but notice the flock of recent graduates on their way to the beach, headed to a yoga class or simply strolling around the city to kill time. Ah, to have free time again to enjoy the sunshine. For a recent grad though, fun-employment might not be as sweet as it seems.

Though 20-somethings primarily use social media these days to boast drool-worthy shots of their latest trip to Union Square Donuts, they should also be turning to social media to land their first full-time gig. Below are a few tips for the recent grad (and for companies looking to hire new talent!) on how to make the most out of social networking.


1. Build your social presence

We all know that in this day and age, the first thing an employer is going to do after receiving a resume is to quickly stalk the candidate on LinkedIn, Facebook, and yes even Instagram. For a recent grad filling out a LinkedIn profile can be daunting, but it is a great first step to get connected with other professionals in your industry. Be sure to include any relevant internship details or major projects completed.

2. Get familiar with the companies you love

Don’t get stuck on job sites like Simply Hired or Indeed – check out the companies in your city on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Most places will post open jobs across all social channels – don’t forget to make a connection with them to show that you are an intelligent, qualified candidate!

3. Show them what you’re made of

Join groups on LinkedIn and let your voice be heard. Answer questions from colleague’s LinkedIn posts and from relevant Twitter conversations to show that you know your stuff, and that the world doesn’t just revolve around you. Companies want to see that you’re involved, helpful and willing to take the time to engage with others in the industry.

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1. Advertise where you’re going to be heard

Post about job opportunities on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter where millennials are active! Experimenting with social advertising allows your company to reach hundreds of thousands of highly-targeted candidates fast. Two of 451’s clients, Ericsson Careers and AstraZeneca careers, consistently look to social media to hire new employees because social advertising allows them to reach people in specific age groups, education levels, countries, expertise and interests.

2. Use your resources

Get your employees involved! Current employeesare often the best source of new connections. Offer referral incentives and encourage your employees to share job postings on their own social media accounts to reach an even greater audience.

3. Brag a bit

Recent grads are looking to join innovative, collaborative and forward-thinking workplaces, and while they may be desperate for a paycheck, millennials are notoriously picky about what they want and what they don’t. Be sure to show all of the unique things that your company is doing (Pizza Friday, cornhole and a pet-friendly environment, anyone?!) – an Instagram account is the perfect place to show off fun company culture!

Today, creating connections is imperative to landing a dream job or hiring your next rockstar employee. And what better place to start than on social media?

Grace Galloway

Grace is Social Media Account Manager at 451 Marketing. Follow her on Twitter @GraceEGalloway!

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