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Top Story: Why Jenner Chose Vanity Fair

Unless you didn’t watch the news or go on the internet this week, you are probably aware that Olympic star Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner publicly revealed her true identity for the first time in the latest issue of Vanity Fair. The July cover features a photo of Jenner, with the caption “Call Me Caitlyn” in bold letters.

Social media networks blew up with reactions to Jenner’s change. While opinions circulated the Internet, so did thousands of unanswered questions. answered one question the marketing world was dying to know: Why Vanity Fair?

Samir Husni, director of the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi, offered one logical explanation:

“The credibility that a magazine like Vanity Fair carries in the marketplace cannot be matched by the credibility of any other outlet when it comes to investigative and celebrity journalism.”

The magazine, that just celebrated its 95th anniversary in 2008, is praised for its mix of animated writing, multi-cultural topics, comprehensive reporting, and timeless covers such as Michael Jackson’s 1989 issue.

With a total audience of 6,800,00, Vanity Fair over the years “has become, by many estimates, magazine journalism’s acknowledged arbiter of modern society, power, and personality.”

The Vanity Fair staff went above and beyond to make sure the story didn’t leak before it was ready to be released.

Mashable reported the extent of those measures saying,

“The story and pictures were done on a single computer that was never connected to the Internet, with the assets put on a thumb drive every night and then deleted from the computer. The story was even hand-delivered to the printer.”

Although the pictures can be found scattered all over the Internet, the print edition doesn’t hit newsstands nationally until June 16.

Either way, Husni believes Jenner’s choice to debut Caitlyn through Vanity Fair will make her transformation unforgettable. See the full CNN article here.

Under the Radar: Amazon Free Shipping


If you’re an Amazon shopper, you can surely remember a time when you’ve found the perfect item for less than $10.00; but, when you go to purchase the item, the price increases due to shipping fees. What a bummer.

For years, Amazon users have been suggesting cheaper shipping regulations on smaller items. Well, the Amazon gods have finally heard their cries! Just this past week, the site revealed that it will be offering free shipping on lightweight items for every customer – Amazon Prime member or not. The new shipping system will get products to your doorstep within 4-8 business days without any extra cost.

To be considered “small and light” the items must weight less than 8 ounces, cost less than $10, and measure under 9x6x2.

With this new shipping tactic, Amazon hopes to contend with its competitor eBay and attract more “cost-aware shoppers.” This move is smart on the site’s part considering the economy has left most of us “cost-aware shoppers.”

Before this modification, customers had to spend at least $35 to qualify for free standard shipping. Neil Ackerman, senior manager at Amazon, is excited about the new shipment plan and says, “Customers love it and sellers love it.” So there you have it, now you can finally buy that $8 item for only $8.

Tool of the Week: NatureBox

nature box

Eating healthy definitely has amazing benefits. However, when you’re tired from a long day, ordering a hot, cheesy pizza sounds much easier than making that organic mushroom dish you found on Pinterest.

Fortunately, the creators of NatureBox have figured out a way to make healthy food just as accessible and convenient as those greasy circles of cheese-covered dough you’ve been living off of. No more spending precious time and money on processed snacks at the market, or questionable Chinese take-out.

With NatureBox, you can have five full-sized healthy snack bags delivered right to your door for just $19.95 a month.

What kind of healthy snack bags? The company has a choice of over 100 snacks that range from Mini Belgian Waffles to Sweet Blueberry Almonds. The munchies won’t transform your diet, but they will ensure snacking without the artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, trans fat, and high cholesterol.

NatureBox is so confident you’ll fall in love with the snacks that they’re even offering a free trial (you’ll pay just $2 for shipping).

The company assures that it “is dedicated to making snacking part of a well-balanced lifestyle…to deliver a world of carefully sourced and nutritionist-approved foods right to your door.” We bet your pizza man can’t promise you that!

Around the Hub: Comedy Central in Boston

comedy central

What happens when Comedy Central comes to Boston stays in Boston. If you’re interested in being part of the fun, make your way down to The Royale in the Theater District this coming week. From June 9-12 Comedy Central is hosting “The Half Hour,” a show that features some of the funniest stand-up comedians today.

Over the four-day stretch, there will be fourteen comedians performing including Liza Treygar, Sam Morril, and Joe List. To get your FREE tickets, and belly laughs click here.

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