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Top Story: Cons Still on the Loose

top story 6.12The manhunt for two inmates who escaped from a New York maximum-security prison has expanded into Vermont.

Richard Matt, 48, and David Sweat, 34, are still missing after fleeing Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York, on June 5, making this the longest jailbreak in New York history.

The inmates’ elaborate plan involved using power tools to cut through steel walls in their cells, and escaping through a manhole. Authorities are still investigating how the men obtained the tools.

Sweat is serving a sentence of life without parole after he was convicted of first-degree murder in 2002. Matt serves a sentence of 25 to life for kidnapping and relentlessly beating a man to death in 1997.

There is speculation that the men had help from female prison worker Joyce Mitchell, who befriended the inmates during their time at the correctional facility. It has been reported that Mitchell was supposed to drive the getaway car, but did not show up. According to CNN reports, her mobile device was used to call several people linked to Matt. It is not certain whether or not she was aware someone was using her phone to make the calls.

Without their getaway driver, there is no doubt that the escapees (who are still at large) are contending with the rough terrain that surrounds the prison.

** Update as of 6/12: The scent of the convicts was picked up about a mile from the prison. Article here.

Under the Radar: Netflix Coming to Your Marriott

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While Netflix won’t be putting extra chocolate on your pillows, or re-stocking you with fluffier towels, they will be making your hotel experience a whole lot better. The popular video-streaming service is teaming up with Marriott Hotels to make your favorite Netflix shows and movies available directly from your in-room TV. Gone forever are the days of worrying about missing another episode of House of Cards on your business trips!

The partnership, which was first rumored back in January, will only operate at a small collection of hotels: New York Marriott East Side, San Jose Marriott, Princeton Marriott, Newport Marriott, Dallas/Fort Worth Marriott Solana, and Bethesda Marriott Suites. However, the hotel company plans on expanding the service to all of its 300 hotels throughout the US by the end of 2016. Fingers crossed that Boston is close to the top of the list!

The integrated service is a smart move for both of the large corporations. It makes Marriott more appealing to guests who want to watch their favorite shows without having to use their personal laptop or tablet. Also, it could potentially encourage individuals (especially those who travel often) to buy Netflix subscriptions. This would add to the more than 39 millions Netflix subscribers in the US.

Matthew Carroll, vice president brand manager of Marriott Hotels, believes joining forces with Netflix will help the hotel company keep up with the needs of its guests. He said,

“Our collaboration with Netflix responds to changing consumer preferences in the way our guests access and watch content, while recognizing the leading role Netflix is playing in driving this transformation.”

Full article here!

Tool of the Week: Circus

tool of the week

You walk out of the office on a Friday afternoon at 5 o’clock. A crazy, non-stop week is finally behind you. Unfortunately, you realize that you completely forgot to make weekend plans!

Instead of frantically texting your friends for plans, two empathetic Northeastern alums have made an app called Circus that will find out where your friends are for you! Akaash Yadac and Amaan Gupta decided to build an app that would make it easier to see who’s going out, when and where the festivities are happening.

Their app, which launched its beta in March, gives users a way to join their friends’ plans, and plans of other people in their community. The goal behind the app is to help people spend less time worrying about making plans, and more fun actually enjoying them.

Circus has unique factors that distinguish it from other similar apps on the market, like WiGo. The app has a live feed that tells you who is going out, where they’re meeting and how you are connected to people in the group. Plus, every plan is ranked by social popularity, so you know which ones are worth the three hours it takes to get ready for the night.

The base of their operation is currently in Boston.

Around the Hub: Sam Adams “Boston 2024”


2024 might be a little while away, but the Boston Beer Company doesn’t seem to think so.  The company, which brews Sam Adams, has filed two trademark applications to brew an Olympic beer using the term “Boston 2024.”

The Boston Beer Company is even ahead of the Boston 2024 Partnership, Inc., who is yet to trademark their own name. The Boston Beer Company is way ahead of the game, but we’re definitely looking forward to the possibility of an Olympic brew.

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