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We’re excited to welcome our new EVP and Executive Creative Director, Michael Tiedemann! Michael is a seasoned creative professional with 20+ years of digital marketing experience with some of America’s biggest brands including Bank of America, General Motors, Cessna Aviation and Biogen Life Sciences. At 451 Marketing, Michael will head up the agency’s creative services practice.

We sat down with Michael and asked him a few questions to see what makes him tick…

You joined 451 Marketing after working for a large global agency – why did you decide to take the leap?

While working on large national and global brands can be great for your ego—as a marketer, I felt I could be more creative and ultimately have more business impact by working at a multi-channel agency like 451. In many ways, 451 Marketing’s client relationships are deeper and more influential than those of a large agency limited to only a single channel.

What is the best advice you’d offer to someone starting out in marketing/creative?

Open up the scope of your thinking. Don’t just stay in your “creative” comfort zone. Your clients are up at night worried about all sorts of things from changing customer behaviors, new technologies, new competitors etc. A good creative partner has to be aware of all the issues facing a client’s business—not just the “creative” problem of the moment. Good clients truly appreciate when an agency grounds a creative/marketing solution in the larger business realities.

What’s an interesting fact that most people don’t know about you?

I prefer to save these old chestnuts for when I’m late to a meeting and have to give a “fun fact” about myself as penance. But, I guess I can admit that when I was in high school, I was the star of the senior play. The play was Cyrano de Bergarac. It’s a great love story. I wore a prosthetic nose, won two sword fights and got to kiss a girl way out of my league (in front of hundreds of people). Heady stuff for a skinny nerd like me.



Welcome, Michael! We’re excited to have you join the team!

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