iOS9 Creates a Great SEO Opportunity for Brands

iOS9 A Great SEO Opportunity for Brands

For months, if not years, we’ve been warned that mobile-friendliness is paramount to SEO success. While Google has released algorithm updates with more emphasis on mobile friendliness   beginning in April of this year, it’s probable that we’re about to really see how important having a strong mobile presence is to SEO success for the first time with iOS9.

iOS9 is Changing the Game for Developers

The reason is simple: Apple is putting the focus back on apps. While the App Store has always been a prominent piece of iPhone users’ mobile experience, Apple will now be indexing apps for people using iOS search (that’s right, it’s browser-independent!), so that brands and branded content could show up in search results just as easily as links to blog posts or homepages.

It’s an experience-altering change that will create greater user dependency on Apple’s OS while supporting content publishers at the same time. SearchEngineLand lays out quite nicely how sites who publish recipes may be more frequently found with iOS9, but it’s still unclear how retailers or lead gen platforms stand to benefit from the change. Which means one thing: brands that are ahead of the app game have a huge opportunity to gain market share that their competitors may not have.

Why Your Brand Needs an App

It’s pretty common knowledge that we’re spending more time than ever on our devices, but how much is “more”? According to Convince and Convert, Americans are spending more than 5 hours every day elbows (or at least fingertips)-deep in digital, and nearly half of those hours (2 hours, 21 minutes, to be precise) are on mobile. That’s a 575% increase from just a few years ago!

One thing is certain: even if your brand isn’t peddling potato chip recipes, there’s no time like the present to consider building a mobile app. 451 strongly recommends moving app creation to the top of your development workflow, if it’s not there already. There’s been a lot of talk lately that eschewing your desktop website in favor of a mobile site may be enough to keep Google happy, but with iOS9 touting apps, it’s only a matter of time before Google begins indexing app content and showing it to users on mobile devices ahead of other content. And with mobile devices becoming responsible for a larger and larger share of website traffic, this isn’t a trend that your brand wants to get stuck behind.

How to Get the Most From Your Mobile App

Once you have an app built, fill it with as much relevant content as you can – because iOS9 (and, presumably, future versions of Android OS) allows users to access app content from apps that they don’t even have installed, it will soon be as important as ever to have a strong app-based content presence. If your brand doesn’t already have a content marketing strategy implemented, well, there’s no time like the present for that, either!

Of course, when you’re planning to develop an app or begin a content marketing strategy, you may have lots of questions. That’s where 451 comes in – give us a call today and learn how our award-winning content strategies and years of web development experience can help your brand skyrocket to the top of search results – and more importantly, to the top of your audience’s mind.

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