7 Things You Can Do to Better the Customer’s Journey

7 Things You Can Do to Better the Customer's Journey
I attended Bryan Eisenberg’s “Creating Legendary Brands: A Business Process to Align Metrics, Customer Experience, and Profits” at INBOUND15. Eisenberg has been in the business of customer experience and conversion rates for over 20 years and it’s evident he is passionate about this. His hope is that more and more companies improve their consumer experience setting the bar higher and higher.

While creating a legendary brand isn’t easy, it all starts with changing your mindset about your customers or clients. All great brands are customer-centric. You must understand the customer’s buying journey and help them on their journey to be customer-centric. Here are 7 Things You Can Do to Better the Customer’s Journey:

1. Consider the Customer

Most of us do this, but not necessarily in the way we should. You want people to buy your product or service, but why should they choose yours over competitors? One of the things that stood out most to me was when Bryan said, “You don’t tell customers what your brand is anymore. Instead you find out what customers want and need and then design your brand around that.”

2. Define Customer’s Buying Journey

Think about the behaviors of your customer before they buy. How would they find your company? What kinds of things are they looking for throughout the buying process? Chances are, you are constantly collecting data about your customers. Use that data to predict behaviors. Always being one step ahead is key.

3. Work Together Across Channels

So many people in a company make micro decisions daily that affect the way your brand is seen. To create a great brand, be sure you are all aware of those micro decisions. Eisenberg used the example of an online ad. The team that works on copy may use words like “easy” and “short” and then people that design the form may never be aware of this, creating a long form collecting as much information as possible.

4. Turn Data into a Narrative

As mentioned above, it’s important to use big data (which you are most likely constantly collecting). Collecting data is great, but it’s how you use it that can really help your brand become more customer centric. Create a story with your data that tells when your typical customer buys (seasonality data), why they are buying (potentially customer survey data), and what you can do to make them come back (retention data). “Personalization doesn’t mean one on one personal attention. It can mean using data to make the experience feel personalized”. Consider Amazon, you are not getting one on one attention, but it always feels personalized to your journey.

5. Include Word of Mouth Triggers

The four areas Eisenberg mentioned where a brand has the ability to go beyond what is expected is through:

  • Architecture: “Wow this site has a really great look to it”
  • Kinetics: “Wow this site is so fast and easy to use”
  • Generosity (go over the top): “Wow they didn’t have to send that follow up email, but it was great”
  • Identity (make them feel part of something larger): “Wow, I love being part of this community”

6. “Help Customer BUY Instead of Selling Them a Product”

This struck me as a powerful message. If this phrase was implemented throughout a company could prove to single-handedly change the landscape of a brand. Take your brand’s obsession with selling and profits and obsess over the above – making the customer happy through a better customer experience.

7. Always Be Improving

Part of Eisenberg’s mission is for all brands to step up their customer experience, setting the bar higher and higher. This would mean a better buying world for all of us, as customers. There will always be a brand doing the next big thing or going above and beyond the norm. Do your best to keep up for the sake of your customer and your brand.

Brittany Eagar

Brittany Eagar is a Digital Project Manager at 451 Marketing!

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